1. Re: Suffering from success, what shall I do?

      If you consider this suffering then let me just say I wish you all the worst.

    2. Re: Which writing method do you see yourself using?

      There were methods this whole time!? Honestly though, I feel that I'm somewhere in the middle of the two. My story is generic fantasy in a lot of ways, but then I have a monster MC which is a bit of (...)

    3. Re: What are the biggest tropes to avoid in writing superhero storys?

      Avoid 'fridging' if possible and it's okay for superheroes to have parents. It doesn't make sense that all of them are orphans.

    4. Re: Story Growing Slowly: Should I Give Up?

      Also, I think that your mindset is pretty masochistic (lol) but admirable. Yeah pretty much, just jaded at this point from royalroad's large toxic side, I know it's guys like these who gatekeep stories (...)

    5. Re: Is it worth making a sequel if the first isn't doing so well.

      If your goal is commercial/critical success (which is valid, though I feel some people on writing forums have a weird stigma against it), than it's perfectly valid to dump a story that wont get you what (...)

    6. Re: What is better a Hard or Soft Magic system?

      I prefer to write soft and to read hard. 

    7. Re: How many followers is a normal amount of followers to gain after posting chapter 1 of your story?

      I don't think that the amount of followers someone as established as you gets on a new fiction is going to be the same as the number someone new to the site or who hasn't achieved the same level of success (...)

    8. Re: For the anime watchers and manga readers out there...

      My mc reminds people of Alphonse Eric. I've also heard a few goblin slayer comparisons.

    9. Re: Thoughts on LITRPG?

       I started reading a few series to research maybe writing one myself and I've actually come to really enjoy them. They have some of the most particular fans I've ever encountered though. 

    10. Re: What's Your Marketing Strategy?

      Something I'd recommend is being really, really, really lucky

    11. Re: Author Etiquette Questions!

      I give rep to almost all comments, but sometimes I run out of rep to give so I prioritize edit suggestions and people who make me laugh, then I start giving out rep to people who thank me for new chapters. (...)

    12. Re: What's in a title?

      I like puns, but am often not able to come up with any good ones. Also the titles of songs that no one ever recognizes. I just like people to have a gist of the chapter, and chapter titles also help me (...)

    13. Re: What makes your story stand out?

      Monster MC and mildly competent writing. 

    14. Re: 69 followers, 200+ pages, and a new book!

      Nice I had a brief moment where I had 420 followers at rank 69, but I didn't think to take a screenshot... it's something I'll always regret. Congrats!

    15. Re: What is your writing-buddy beverage?

      Coffee and sweet tea, my hipster and southern tendencies are in constant turmoil.

    16. Re: Best manga of all times

      Hmm. I've read sth like 2000 manga, and It's hard to pick THE BEST but If I were to give candidates: Pluto/Billy the bat/20th century boys - from the same author (whom you might know for Monster), (...)

    17. Re: A "Romantic Subplot" Tag

      Ironically I would love this just for the fact that I wish there was an easy way to say "hey, no romance in this, look somewhere else." for when people look up my stuff. Yeah, I feel like it would (...)

    18. A "Romantic Subplot" Tag

      Hey everyone, I recently had a commenter show concern that my story would have romance in it. I confirmed that it would and he suggested I tag it as such. The issue is that I'm only allowed 4 genre (...)

    19. Re: Best manga of all times

      Anything by Junji Ito, I'm partial to his short stories rather than his long form ones. As others have mentioned Berserk is a masterpiece and it's almost unfair to compare anything else to it.

    20. Re: The Trash Race Contestants...

      I uh... started working on my trash story, but I actually really like it and now want to save it for when I can give it some real time. I concede defeat, please remove me.