1. Re: Any forum writers want to race with me? 10 day to make a FAST FOOD frontpage story!

      Doesn't whoever post first win since new stories and updates appear on the front page? Edit: Killing Goblins I'm 5 Easy Steps (litrpg/harem/evil mc/ Isekai)

    2. Re: Superpower training

      You could have him sit with a metronome. As he focuses on his breathing he tries to make the sound click faster or slower as a kind of meditative exercise and eventually he realizes he's actually influencing (...)

    3. Re: Losing followers

      I was following Battlefield Reclaimer here too.  My only complaint was that he never warned us that he wasn't finishing book 1 here before taking it down, and he didn't even add a chapter marking the (...)

    4. Re: Losing followers

      If you started bickering with your audience and responding to comments with a rage-thread, I would expect several unfollows. Whoever clicked on it and expected a new chapter (because they got the Follow (...)

    5. Re: What book or story inspires your writing the most?

      David Edding's Belgariad series with just a pinch of manga like Goblin Slayer and Berserk.

    6. Re: What makes someone successful on here?

      Luck, snappy chapter titles, consistent updates, a generic fantasy setting with a few twists to keep it fresh, unique MC That's what's worked for me, mostly the first one though.

    7. Re: In your experience how do chapter names affect readership?

      Each chapter name is a chance to click bait, it's important to make the names catchy This is exactly right. My chapters with names like "Immortal Combat" and "Debts" both led to a substantial increase (...)

    8. Re: Is Royal Road a safe place?

      Personally I'm too lazy to write someone else's ideas.

    9. Re: Examples of 'bad' overpowered characters vs 'good' overpowered characters?

      I've been told my story features an op character in a positive way.  He's a living suit of armor that is significantly stronger and tougher than those around him and can do things like break himself (...)

    10. Re: Words and Phrases that authors should avoid.

      I overuse several of these because they're solid filler words for essays/research papers and that's what most of my writing has been. They can be hard to catch on an edit too because they're used so often (...)

    11. Re: Blind character, any fighting tips?

      Put him in heavy armor and have him strike in the directions he gets hit in with abandon

    12. Re: Losing followers

      you still have what, three thousand followers who love your tale? i don't think that losing thirteen means that 'you now fail' write for those who stuck around, and forget those who went time invested (...)

    13. Re: Losing followers

      Some person, on another website, left a very wholesome comment under my first chapter.  I don't know how to tell them it's a rather nasty tragedy, and they will most likely drop it sooner or later. (...)

    14. Re: "There's nothing new under the sun..."

      Personally I don't think people want unique as much as they say they do. A twist on a classic for sure, but I think people enjoy the tropes, settings, and ideas they're familiar with and typically look (...)

    15. Re: Losing followers

      I know that it's normal to lose a few followers for a chapter update because basically every chapter is a reminder to the reader "should I keep reading?" If this is an alarming drop, much more than usual, (...)

    16. Losing followers

      Hey everybody, I just posted a new chapter this morning and for the first time I'm losing followers rather than gaining them. I can't tell if it's the content of the chapter, the fact that I've added (...)

    17. Re: What's up with Rising Stars?

      Rising stars is based on ratings and view rather than followers I believe. I think that as a story gets older it slowly declines on the list as well.

    18. Re: How to write a title?

      I like single word titles, I think they draw interest better than longer ones. Just pick a word that best represents your story and BAM, there's your title.

    19. Re: To plot or not to plot, that is the question. What do you do?

      I do the seat of my pants method until I have a day where I don't feel like writing and then I do some outlining and planning which gets me excited to write again because I want to bring what I've plotted (...)

    20. Re: Not satisfied with editing

      I get that feeling all the time, but usually I just wind up posting it anyway. This is a site for amateur writers to share their works for free, I don't think too many readers expect perfection. I've found (...)