1. Re: It has finally happened. Do I just suck it up?

      Finally, after around 2-3 weeks of posting on this site, someone randomly gave my story a 1 star rating, in spite of my two positive reviews. I'm afraid this might create misconceptions around the quality (...)

    2. Re: Is prioritizing upload consistency on this site important?

      I have been known to start stories and leave them for weeks without updating them. For me what matters isn't how fast you post but that when you do that it's at least readable. I have read thousands of (...)

    3. Re: Just joined, so might as well say hellos.

      I joined this site only a few days ago myself though I have had accounts on a few other story posting sites for years. I mostly do fanfiction. I have done my own work but that was mostly for school work (...)

    4. Re: 0.5 Ratings are a Blessing

      The problem is, rather than trolls, readers use 5 and 0.5 more as a like/dislike button that's in no way an indicator of the fiction's quality. The bigger problem is, this has caused the value of a (...)

    5. Re: My First Review!

      I haven't gotten any on my works on here so I'm still awaiting my own first review but I have left a review on somebody elses story. It was before they posted a second chapter so I'm unsure if has been (...)

    6. Re: 0.5 Ratings are a Blessing

      I haven’t got one on this site, though I have gotten pretty harsh reviews in the past. As long as they left why they reviewed it that way and it wasn’t just because it wasn’t a book I liked or not my (...)

    7. Re: Tell Us About Your Story

      Well, I have two stories on the site. One that is an original work of mine which means it'll likely be the slower of the two and a Naruto story that is about Ino befriending him. The one I'm working (...)

    8. Re: Noticed a Massive Drop

      Both of my fictions have at least one LGBTQ+ character, though I don't tag them as such because it's not a central to either story. I have to wonder if there's something else going on with the site (...)

    9. Re: 0.5 Ratings are a Blessing

      For me, if a story is less than three stars odds are I wouldn't read it anyway. So for me at least if somebody reviews a story with a .5 I would likely deem them trolls and dismiss it. I don't think what (...)

    10. Re: Noticed a Massive Drop

      I can't say that's my cup of tea but so long as the story is good I'm sure it'll pick up at some point. I can't say how many people on here are progressive but I think it has less to do with it being about (...)

    11. Re: Thoughts on Silent Readers?

      Well, I'm fairly new here. As in less than three full days with an account new. I have mostly jumped from one story after another. So far I have left one review and think that as long as the story isn't (...)