1. Re: New Urban/Modern Fantasy Author

      Welcome! I've been writing for a while myself started posted on the forums recently. It's nice to be in a community that responds constructively to your work. I myself read a lot of fantasy WNs and write (...)

    2. Re: 5 Great Reviews!

      That's really awesome! Good reviews feel so amazing, I look forward to someone truly understanding our work while not pulling their punches. If someone like that also gives a four or five star review, (...)

    3. Re: What should I name my MC?

      Personality: Unsure of herself, but brave and puts others before herself. Intrigued by the world she's in and determined to learn more about mana/magic.  Requirements: I want the name to sound whimsical, (...)

    4. Re: Taking the plunge into the wonderful world of writing!

      Welcome! I think your book cover is really cool! Eldritch beings are always so interesting to me, one of the reasons I love the Azarinth Healer WN. Good luck, friend!

    5. Re: Noob Alert! Hello from a world building, LitRPG, and Epic Fantasy author

      Congratulations on self publishing! I think that it's a super cool to get your work out there in that way, I've just been sticking to Royal road and scribblehub. Nice to meet you!

    6. Re: Story got onto rising stars

      Amazing! Hell yeah!

    7. Re: Just a Overlord Fan Fiction writer.

      Hell yeah, I'm looking forward to it as well! I know crunchy roll messed up in the translations of the Holy kingdom and the theocracy so I'm looking forward to how things are gonna go. I'm also looking (...)

    8. Re: The Unpopular Views

      - The writers of The Orville understand the spirit of Star Trek better the writers of the current Star Trek shows. i don't even like the show and yet i must agree how it outdid star trek at star trek (...)

    9. Re: Introducing myself

      Thank you! I'm glad to be here! I didn't watch 90s X-Men but I did watch 90s Spiderman and it was amazing! 

    10. Re: Should Sexuality/Gender 'Warnings' be in a synopsis?

      This could be a controversial topic so ima put this here: I do not care what sexuality or gender you have. It is not any more important to me as whether you have blonde or black hair. I was looking (...)

    11. Re: Promote your story by telling us the most drastic change between the plan you originally had and what you (...)

      My original plan was to write the lives of characters and how they became more interesting, less Mary Sue. I think my original plan was the apotheosis of a villain. But now, I have a more open ended approach. (...)

    12. Re: Promote your story by telling us how/why you named it what you named it

      The name of my fiction is pretty straightforward but this wasn't always the case. During my last attempt to write my story, I had the MCs being moved around specifically because their parent was a cosmic (...)

    13. Re: Introducing myself

      Welcome! It's nice to see another Marvel fan on this site. I hope you are doing well and your fictions find an audience. Thank you! I prefer the comics over the MCU but Raimi is a master at his work! (...)

    14. Re: Just a Overlord Fan Fiction writer.

      Overlord is awesome! What do you think of the new season? I'm loving it after a slightly slower start than I'd like.  The episode before the last one was quite something...

    15. Introducing myself

      Hi, everyone, My name is David. It's nice to be on the website writing again. I used to be on here a while ago but stopped writing because of life and work. I'm back now and I'm feeling fine. ¯⁠\⁠_⁠༼⁠ (...)

    16. Re: Over 1000 pages.

      Hell yeah! That's an amazing milestone, 1000 pages. Keep up the good work! I hope I can get there soon myself!

    17. Re: *Slaps knee* 20 Followers!

      Hell yeah! That's fucking awesome! Amazing job!

    18. Re: Pride and an LGBT+ Tag

      I 100% agree with an LGBT tag. Queer authors do exist and their work should be out and proud. The arguments about harrassers searching through tags is concerning but antithetical to the idea of pride. (...)

    19. Re: Harem, and why some love them

      Harem works best when it's comedy. How many of you all know about Bakarina for example? But, I think the reason that I started to get annoyed by harem is that I found it was an attempt to put the reader (...)

    20. Re: How do you guys write more unnatural or rarer elements?

      I think the obvious thing depends on what you want to do with your power but if you don't have anything really special you're after, you should look first to how the special property appears in reality. (...)