Beware Of Chicken

The second volume doesn't live to my expectation.


The second volume did not live to my expectation. Too focused on other side characters. Sometimes I've even forgotten Jin Rou is our MC.

It's okay to have POV from the side characters, once in a while. But it was done too much.

I agreed with the person who pointed out that the story felt more like side stories as the (my assumed) main story only progressed a little bit. I felt lost and don't know where the story would go. 

The story still interesting tho.


The story follows the adventure of our protagonist Anthony the Ant. 

Quite different from other man turned monster story, rather than lone wolf, this story takes an uncommon route where the MC work with his fellow colony. 

The plots are rather fun. The MC is funny, it made me remember a certain spider in a Japanese novel. I just hope it won't turn into a hardcore grinding story with only a tiny bit of character development. 

Unfortunately, even with my minuscule amount of grammar skills, I still spot some errors. As it has been 2 years since the chapter was written, I don't know why it has not yet been fixed. That's the case for the earlier chapters. 

The story is interesting but lacks in impact. 

The Calamitous Bob

This is a great story. Good grammar, good style, good plot, good characters. 

I like the interaction between MC and his follower and the other, especially the golem. The golem is so funny. The characters have a decent development.

With her perk, the mc is a fast learner. It made her somewhat op but not op enough to ruin the story. 

Breaker of Skulls (LitRPG)

This is not my cup of tea. It's just ridiculous when dozen or hundreds of people are just watching someone doing a, basically, murder and do nothing. It can be justified when they are at the latter trial when someone already has more power and the killer shows overwhelming power than the other. But they were at the starting point where everyone was still a human being with just a system and a bit of skill. It was unreasonable for dozen people to be scared of someone that still a vulnerable human being.

I've already read some novels with similar starts and themes. It was not likable for me either.  

There are no other problems, the grammar and style are good enough for me. 

The Tamer is Repulsive

The concept was interesting until I found out that the MC is basically a walking male sex doll. There is no dialog, no action, and no character development for the MC. 

I don't know if the story will get better in the later chapter, but I don't think that I have enough patience to read it. It s just not my cup of coffee.