1. Re: Any RR Novels adapted into Manga?

      People are not often blessed with both writing and artistic skills. Because of that, adapting a story into a manga format usually requires collaborating with an art partner, which can mean losing some (...)

    2. Re: Now I am totally confused!

      You probably need 100 of those detailed reviews before you can draw a correlation. Until then, you can't be sure if the feedback is accurate, so don't worry about it too much.

    3. Re: How to decide on your next story?

      If, like you say, you're going to be working on it for a good while, you could perhaps do a little development for each of them and start exploring the world and characters a bit and see which one you're (...)

    4. How to decide on your next story?

      I've recently completed my latest story and will finish posting it around mid-June. So, it's time to start my next one. After writing unusual fanfics with original characters or small fandoms, I think (...)

    5. Re: Describe your Book/Series/Arc as short and poorly as possible: Part 2

      Harry Potter spinoff. Fakemon series. Sailor Moon sequel.

    6. Re: What's the consensus regarding glossary or promo chapters?

      Don't see any problems with this if you can't fit it in an author's note. My first book has additional chapters for Bonus Content (a map, a timetable, and some insight into the writing process) and Fanart (...)

    7. Re: how to write faster?

      Ask a genie to use one of your three wishes.  If you're short on magic lamps, try denying yourself your next meal until you hit your goal. Or, if you're not in favour of negative reinforcement, do the (...)

    8. Re: What does Slice of Life mean to you?

      Finding meaning in the mundane.

    9. Re: What's a unique main base location for a zombie story?

      A supermarket. Surviving humans go there for supplies. Zombies go there for the free samples...

    10. Re: Prologues? chapter openings? what's the best way to start a story?

      In my opinion, nine times out of ten, a prologue can/should just be "chapter 1". Stories don't generally need them, they just need to start strong, and non-professional prologues often delay that or "tell" (...)

    11. Re: How long does it typically take for a fiction to start receiving consistent reads?

      There's really no way of telling, especially so early on. Ultimately, reads won't be the thing that matter. What you will want is reader engagement e.g. comments and ratings/reviews. I posted my completed (...)

    12. Re: Promote your story by making it into a poem

      Fighting evil by moonlight  Winning love by daylight  Monster got her in a big fight  She was the one named Sailor Moon She would never turn her back on a friend  She was always there to defend (...)

    13. Re: What's your biggest dream about your books? (serie, movie, anime...)

      I dream that my Harry Potter sequel/spinoff is noticed by Warner Bros and Rowling, then made canon and adapted into the next Wizarding World movie... :D

    14. Re: hardly anyone comments

      It's the norm from what I've seen. It's sad, though. Despite writing being one of the most time consuming creative mediums, we don't charge people here for our hours of material. All most of us want is (...)

    15. My New & Improved Cover

      Following some recent feedback, I decided to make a new cover (and blurb) for my current story. I think I was too close to the old one to see it objectively, but I'm happy with how the new one turned out. (...)

    16. Re: In need of some advice (harsh truths welcome!)

      I read the blurb and the first chapter, I thought both were well-written and engaging. If I had to guess why a Sailor Moon fic might be doing worse than your other fics, though, these would be my (...)

    17. Re: In need of some advice (harsh truths welcome!)

      You'd probably have more luck advertising in places where people who want to read Sailor Moon fanfics congregate. I'm sure there are plenty of people like that. If you meet one, point them my way lol! (...)

    18. In need of some advice (harsh truths welcome!)

      I've recently finished writing my latest story offline, and I'm posting the final chapters over the next few weeks. It's currently at 36 chapters on RR, and I've worked hard on it, but it hasn't had much (...)

    19. Re: Finished writing my latest story!

      Thanks everyone! Well done. After just having finished last week my first work after a 25-year break, I just agree, solid advice from you, could not word it much better. 25 years? Wow, that's commitment! (...)