1. Re: Entered A Writing Contest.

      I recently entered a self published writing competition hosted by Hugh Howdy. I'm one out of three hundred and I'll see how far I go.

    2. Re: New Fic had a great launch!

      That's hella impressive, dude. Way to go, man!!!

    3. Re: 5 Chapters In.

      Tis a slow tedious, sometimes mind-numbing process sometimes. They either come in bursts or a trickle. But I'm glad they're reading it. 

    4. Re: Let's do this!

      I'll take a stab at it for you.

    5. Re: 5 Chapters In.

      Just released my fifth chapter and I hope to get new readers. That is all. 

    6. Re: I have a week off work, let's do some review swaps.

      I'll read the first few chapters for you. 

    7. Re: How to write flaws in your character without making them annoying

      Spread out the moments during the book. My character starts off as a coldhearted, bitch of a loner, and then as the plot progresses she begins to show a more vulnerable side. You don't want to immediately (...)

    8. Re: 200+ Views

      Over 4 chapters and I have over 200 views. Its coming along slowly, but gradually. Here's to more readers.

    9. Re: Advanced Review Swap.

      I'll give it a read.

    10. Re: New to the road, excited to walk it

      I've been here a week and I'm having a blast.

    11. Re: Cracked the 10000 Mark!

      Recieved a review today calling my thing a "Diamond in the rough." I'm ecstatic as hell!!

    12. Re: Review Swap

      I'll definitely check them both out soon. 

    13. Re: Review Swap

      I'm looking to swap first chapters with anyone. Just let me know.

    14. Re: Got my first review on goodreads.

      KDP reads are wonky and laggy, so I wouldn't try to correlate page reads to ratings. I've have three weeks of page reads fail to show up, then all get added to a single day afterward. Sorry he didn't (...)

    15. Re: New here.

      That kind of rejection is not the worst thing to have. It means you're a good writer, but just haven't struck your lucky gold mine yet. Thats why Ive decided to strike it out on my own. So far I'm at (...)

    16. Re: Got my first review on goodreads.

      No comment. I looked into their reading history and it seemed like a sort of bot account because my kdp results didnt match a completed read.