1. Re: Celebrating 1 year on the site

      Happy first anniversary! May there be many more for you!  :DrakanWine:

    2. Re: Hell yeah! Got to a 1,000 views!

      Sounds like you're on your way up! Keep going!!  :DrakanWine:

    3. Re: Got my first review

      Woo hoo! Keep writing! Sending you good vibes for more reviews!!  :DrakanAmused:

    4. Re: Finally reached 50k views...

      Wow - that's incredible! Keep up the great writing, and wishing you more views!!  :DrakanWine:

    5. Re: Cracked the 5000 Mark

      Woo! Way to go! I need to jump back into reading your work. I'm looking forward to it, so keep it up!  :DrakanWine:

    6. Re: 100 chapters published!!

      Wow, incredible milestone! Keep writing!!  :DrakanWine:

    7. Re: 100 views, but...

      Hey, it's a great start! You never know - if a reader likes one of your stories, they might check out the other? Keep writing! 

    8. Re: First review and over 20K words!

      Looks like you're on a roll! Congrats to you and keep up the good writing!  :DrakanWine:

    9. Re: Beginning to post my book

      You're off to a great start - posing the first book is such fun (and a learning experience). Sending you great vibes for continued good writing! Go for it! :DrakanAmused:

    10. Re: Finished my "Hell Week"

      Wow, you've been busy! Hopefully you can pace yourself a bit better now. I need to get back to reading your stuff, so keep up the great work!  :DrakanWine:

    11. Re: Better Late Than Never

      Welcome to you! Sounds like you should be able to find lots here to enjoy. Sending you good vibes for great writing!  :DrakanAmused:

    12. Re: Gummy Sharks

      Welcome to you! Cookies and milk sound like a great idea. I hope you feel better after the gummy sharks and wish you the best for writing your story! 

    13. Re: New to the road, excited to walk it

      Welcome to you from another newer writer on the Road. Sending you great vibes for much writing, feedback and good times!  :DrakanAmused:

    14. Re: 1000 reads!!!

      Congrats, you're on your way! Keep up the great writing! 

    15. Re: 11,999 Views so far!

      Great achievement! Here's to many more! Keep on writing! 

    16. Re: Cake for everyone!

      Happy, happy birthday and huge congrats!!  :peoeating:

    17. Re: Greetings, I'm finally venturing into standard fiction

      Interaction fiction sounds so fascinating, though. I always thought about trying to write some of that myself. Still, branching out to new things is never a bad choice. Sending you good vibes for great (...)

    18. Re: Hello

      Welcome to you! Based on your list, it looks like you're in the right place Sending good vibes for great writing, and future feedback!   :DrakanAmused:

    19. Re: Want to start interacting with peeple cuz new

      Welcome! It's great to meet you! Looks like you're already earning that rep for sure! Have fun!! :DrakanAmused:

    20. Re: Posted my first chapter!

      Welcome! Welcome! That's one spiffy gift-cover you got there! Sending you good vibes for great writing and lots of feedback!  :DrakanAmused: