1. Re: Greetings and Good Tidings

      Welcome to you! I think you're in the right place for your interests, for sure! While I don't have any suggestions for stories in particular, I'll say part of the fun is just exploring, browsing the site (...)

    2. Re: Hello Everyone :) !

      Welcome to you! Sounds like you're in the right place if you're into fantasy stories. Have fun exploring and finding tales that speak to you! 

    3. Re: New author here (or not new)

      Welcome to you! I hope you have a great time and find the community you're looking for. Sending you the best vibes!  :DrakanAmused:

    4. Re: Hello all!

      Welcome to you! I wouldn't worry about your length. You have to write what comes natural to you - sending you good vibes for lots of reads!  :DrakanAmused:

    5. Re: Happy to find a new community!

      Welcome to you! If you're looking for fantasy, you've come to the right place. You'll find lots of it everywhere here, so just explore and enjoy the journey! 

    6. Re: Hello ☆

      Welcome to you! I've always enjoyed the webnovel format - it's really quite free-form and you can make of it whatever you dream. Sending you good vibes for great writing and lots of learning! Have fun! (...)

    7. Re: Introducing Myself A Little Too Late

      Welcome Kelvin! It's never too late to say hello!  That's a beautiful motivation -- to create and gift stories to your children. I wish you many many fond tales for the future of your family! 

    8. Re: Hello there everyone!

      Hey there fellow gamer! *high five* Welcome to RR! I also write a bit of fanfic (mostly Final Fantasy inspired) and it's always nice to meet others who are passionate about their fandoms! Sending you good (...)

    9. Re: Hello. New to Royal Road (with an actual account)

      Welcome, welcome! We love readers here, as you probably know. Hope you have fun! :) 

    10. Re: Not a new writer, but new to Royal Road. Would love to meet some people!

      Hey there! Great to meet you. Sounds like you'll fit right in!  I'm a long-time fantasy lover and fiction writer, myself. I've actually finished several online web-serial novels, which I haven't yet (...)

    11. Re: Hello for Toronto

      Welcome Rodney! I've also made a move from Wattpad to RR myself. But winning a Watty is most impressive! Best wishes on finding your audience here as well! 

    12. Re: Hey everyone!

      Welcome to you, Mike! Sounds like you're in the right place! Sending you good vibes for great writing!  :DrakanAmused:

    13. Re: Into the deep

      Welcome to you! I'm also posting video game inspired works, so you're in good company! Wishing you all the best on RR!  :DrakanWine:

    14. Re: Just joined, so might as well say hellos.

      Welcome to you! Hoping you have a great time at RR. Sending you great vibes for sharing great writing and art!  :DrakanAmused:

    15. Re: hey hey 🙂! just uploaded first story

      Welcome to you! I'd love to visit Glasgow some day, btw! Hope you enjoy your time here.  What I love most about writing is getting into my characters' heads and seeing what makes them tick. 

    16. Re: A wild writer has appeared!

      Welcome to you! I'd say, I want to read a story that I know the writer loves and is passionate about developing. You can always tell as a reader. Always.  So write what you love.  :peoloveu:

    17. Re: Greetings from Argentina

      Welcome, Mario! Sounds like you have a lot of neat interests and projects! Sending you great vibes for good writing!  :DrakanAmused:

    18. Re: Heyo Royal Road Humans And Non-Humans!

      Great to meet you, too! Wishing you all the best in continued writing here on RR! 

    19. Re: So, I'm new, willing to share, and willing to learn!

      Warm welcome to RR from another newer writer. You've probably already noticed the great community, but sending you great vibes for settling in and getting your writing posted!  :DrakanAmused:

    20. Re: New to Royal Road!

      Welcome to RR from another new writer. Wishing you all the best on getting your work out there and getting feedback!