Secret of the Old Ones

Secret of the Old Ones (...)
by BlaiseCorvin
172 pages

Secret of the Old Ones is a deep dive VR game the likes of which the world had never seen.

Trent Noguero, a hardcore gamer, has been playing for a year and is about to get his big break. He is about to catapult himself into the ranks of the most powerful players in the world.

However, power comes with a price, and celebrity creates enemies. Trent has the keys to massive success, but he also accidentally painted a target on his backā€¦both in, and out of the game.

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Apocalypse Cultivation (Jake's Story)

Apocalypse Cultivation (...)
by BlaiseCorvin
481 pages

The earth has been overrun with monsters.  Post-Purple Rain America is unrecognizable from the past.  Jake is an adventurer, a leader of an adventuring team.  A former mage, now he follows the strange path of cultivation.  As far as he knows, he is one of the only people on earth who have stepped onto this path.

Events will unfold that change Jake's life forever.  He is about to be caught up in something much bigger than himself, but one thing Jake is really bad at is giving up.

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Wizard's Tower

Wizard's Tower
by Allanther
1.1k pages

The humans call me Nemon Fargus.  They call me wizard, and [Elementalist] and [Enchanter].  They call me teacher.  They call me adventurer.  

But I don't care.  Not anymore.  For more than a hundred and fifty years I've served the Kingdom of Sena.  Through four Kings and a Queen.  Two wars and a rebellion.  I've founded and taught at a magic school.  I've fought against beast waves and dungeon breaks.

But now?  Now, the one close friend I had left has passed.  So, I'm done with their politics and their economics.  The short and busy lives of humans are more burden than benefit on the weary soul of this half-elf.  Now, I'm looking for a refuge, a place that can well and truly be my own.  Away from the growing cities and the bustling markets, away from the pointless wars, away from the eager students and the arrogant adventurers.  It's too much.  

I'm seeking the peaceful life of a wizard in his tower, studying magic to advance my spellcraft.  We'll see if that happens.

*synopsis covers book 1 / ac 1

Author's housekeeping:

This story is a rough draft.  Feel free to point out errors, grammatical, spelling, plot, etc.  

This is a slow burn novel, but will only ever be told from one POV.  (Exception: rare interlude chapters will be told from a different pov, but won't impact storyline).

How well this story is received by readers here will determine if I continue writing.

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I hope you enjoy!

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