Star Child

Highly recommended.

I first found the story on Reddit, and I must say that its defenitly worth your time. the story itself is a unique look at the modern fantasy genre, with a truly interesting society.

the characters are relatable and the story itself has a few interesting turns and twists.

if you are intigued please do take a look.

Rise of the Undead Legion

greatly recommended but room for improvement

so the introduction is... generic, the first few chapters are better, but where the story shine are the action scenes.

the story itself goes very slowly and character progress has only partially begun at the time of writing.

still the setting is great and dedication to the numbers is impressive,

to the author:

I really like the story but so afar overall progress is slow while progress inside each arc is actually great.(for example: the meeting and adventure with the elven archer (vague for spoilers reasons))

try and make some more story progression, I can see that some of it is already setup so moving forwards shouldn't need much more effort.

hope to hear more of you soon!

The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound

so the story starts really good, nice pace with a good introduction.

the first arc is most definetily the strongest of the two, it allows you to learn the world and mechanics of the story with a good story and some good fight scenes.

the second arc is a lot slower then the first arc, the combat scenes and the world building remain, but it is closer to the chinese style of grow stronger and fight for no clear reason, in this story there is a reason and it also introduces somemore idea of what stronger oppenent will be like compared to the mc.

Demon's Journey

good story, nice personallities, story loses its charm near the end.

pretty much what the title said, the story was enjoyable until something like chapter 240.


Brutality and Savagery at its finest

really good start, you immediatly get a good feel for the Orc culture and the driving forces behind it.

greatly advised you try this story if you like something a little more violent.

Tidal Lock

a nice space based VR story with epic battles

titles says most of it the battles are amazing although a little confusing the first time with all the different ship classes.

the story is good and advances at a good rate and there is barely any grammar errors.


highly recommended

The Iron Teeth:  A Goblin's Tale

main character has a lot of things going for it.

the story has a lot of good progression without getting boring or overly complex.

good amount of humor and some cynical jokes

highly recommended