Afrita Hanim

Afrita Hanim

    1. Re: Writathon Burnout

      Feel like I'm close to burnout too. Though I started at the beginning of the writathon. It's just that I can write some chapters more easily than others, and the last ones were a definitive strain. (...)

    2. Re: Promote your story by sharing a simple sentance that foreshadowed something major in the story (SPOILER WA(...)

      "The Vixen is my goddess and my guiding star and yet her promise to me never came true. It is a conundrum.”

    3. Re: December Thread - Promote your Story

      Dawnsong is a fantasy litrpg story. The main protagonist starts out as a very naive girl who gets a lucky break and tries to break out of a conventional life. Predictably nothing goes as planned... (...)

    4. Re: Did you ever show your novel to the people in your friends/family, and if so, when?

      I feel you. When I started to write I held it totally under wraps for several months. Partly because I was afraid of criticism and partly because I thought I might lose momentum after a few chapters. (...)

    5. Re: Finally done!

      I can ony admire those of you who already finished the challenge. Congratz to you all! :DrakanWine:  I'm still working on it and have to do better during the next week than in the previous ones. (...)

    6. Re: My favorite piece of advice (for motivation!)

      Welcome to the club. Commas are anathema to me, too. Even in my native language I struggle with them, and in english I sometimes think I simply spread a bunch of them out over the page... and let the (...)

    7. Re: November Thread - Promote your Story

      Dawn, a country girl, wants to follow her dreams of being a wise woman instead of a wife and mother. But according to tradition she has no choice but to take the path decided by her parents. Appalled when (...)

    8. Re: Favourite novels?

      I have a list of a few dozens of favourites. At the top are the following: Agent of change (and the sequels) from Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. It's a space opera, and I have been throroughly convinced (...)

    9. Re: One Line of Advice

      Don't let the trolls of this world get to you. Just imagine what would have happened if Tolkien had been discouraged from writing by malicious comments on his story.

    10. Re: Dawnsong

      Dawnsong Dawn is a village girl who wants more out of her life than just being a wife and mother. Unfortunately her parents think that her dream of being a wise woman is a ridiculous aspiration and (...)

    11. Re: Sunday Snippet Sharing 01/08

      Really great idea, thank you. From Dawnsong, Chapter 20: Fire Water Burn Dawn’s hands shook as she tried to light up her arrow. It took her a second try to accomplish it. Her resulting shot was (...)

    12. Re: August Thread - Promote your Story

      Dawnsong Dawn is a village girl who wants more out of her life than just being a wife and mother. Unfortunately her parents think that her dream of being a wise woman is a ridiculous aspiration and (...)

    13. Re: Topwebfiction Experiences?

      Hi @all, do any of you have experience with Topwebfiction? I read a story here and saw that the author asked for boosts on the other site. I looked it over and saw you can only get in as an author with (...)

    14. Re: Tips for making maps

      Thank you all for your answers. I played around a bit with Incarnate. But it will take some time until i have a finished map that I can be happy with. Regarding inconsistencies between map and story, (...)

    15. Re: Tips for making maps

      Hi @all, a while back I admired some maps people had added to their stories. Now I started to think it would be cool to add some maps of my own to my story. I thought it could help me to keep my locations (...)

    16. Re: Best Ways to keep a slower paced story exciting

      I wouldn't exactly say that my story is slow burn. But I'm trying to slow it down and deepen it a bit. Ongoing project I fear. What I struggle with, is how to keep an arc interesting. What do you reveal (...)

    17. Re: I'm constantly worried about how people will perceive my writing.

      Well, welcome to the club! I am constantly worrying about that, too. It is partly normal I guess. Your book is practically your cherished baby that you put out there in the harsh world. So every negative (...)

    18. Re: Getting Comments And When To Take Them Seriously?

      Hi, I'm still fairly new to the site and to writing myself. One of the first comments on my story hit me pretty hard. The commenter basically said the MC was unlikable and immature and totally spoiled (...)

    19. Re: Just did a triple!

      Just passed 50k words and 5000 views and last Sunday I topped 50 followers. :peoeyesparkle: 

    20. Re: 20,000 at last!

      Congrats! I will absolutely take the time to read your story in the next days. Fluff sounds like fun.