1. Re: The (Un)Official What Are You Reading Today? And Next? Thread

      Finished 'Black wind, White lotus' not too long ago and I might reread it so I can pick up on details I missed earlier in the story. Currently reading 'The Undying Emperor' which im enjoying a lot! Afterwards (...)

    2. Re: What do you do with your surface level ideas.

      I put it on a shelf for later.

    3. Re: Should political undertones be allowed on RR?

      Yes stories with political undertones should be allow and I infact want writers to include meaningful aspects and themes in their stories instead of making the millionth litrpg that doesn't stray from (...)

    4. Re: Why do you review?

      For fame and fortune

    5. Re: How is it Going Today For You Lot?

      I'm having trouble designing the cover of my next story.

    6. Re: Has this ever happened to you?

      Happens all the time to me

    7. Re: I feel authors with overly liberal mindsets can't write realistic characters or plots

      Why is everyone calling this a bait thread?  Anyway that just sounds like bad writing or not really planning the plot well. Political leanings or having a liberal mindset or whatever don't really have (...)

    8. Re: I am the fool that went and scrounged up old suggestions about ratings. Do tell me what you think.

      Can the ratings just be ratings and not some convoluted mess of a system because someone is upset over getting one 0.5 star rating? 

    9. Re: When would you give up?

      I give up today.

    10. Re: Now that Youtube is removing the dislike button, let's talk about 'downvote trolling'

      Youtube is butthurt that everyone hates them now and their dislikes prove that. They turned off comments for their channel a few years back to suppress public opinion and now they're removing dislikes (...)

    11. Re: Pseudonyms

      I wanted a cool name that would fit anywhere and be remembered, similarly to suda51 whose works I admire greatly. I guess its also a reference to my own story since tridetect is short for triple detective (...)

    12. Re: Nanowrimo??

      I wanted to but school is cutting into my time and I rather focus my efforts on one thing at a time to not overwhelm my writings.

    13. Re: Criticism leading to hiatus

      It is not the reader's fault for the writer taking criticism poorly. I think everyone forgets that the readers are the ones reading and promoting our novels. The more we push the blame onto our critics (...)

    14. Re: The new volumes idea and how much are you going to like it.

      I'm really liking this feature. It gives some more life to novels on here. But now I feel a bit obligated to make a cover for progressive detective's third volume since the way I have it set up; it would (...)

    15. Re: How much can you write in a single chapter? -my curiosity speaking....

      Depends on how much preplanning I do. If I have a lot of interesting ideas when it takes me around 20 mins or less to write 3000 words or more. If I'm struggling with coming up with interesting ideas then (...)

    16. Re: Any (in)secure writers out there that could give advice?

      I'm super insecure about my writing as well. I can't stand my own writings and I constantly compare myself to others which really only further puts me down because I think my writing still isn't good enough (...)

    17. Re: Your character's most quotable line

      "The bonds between humans is something I've always taken an interest in. How it develops, how it falls apart, and how it progresses throughout life. This story explains it all but one thing. Why would (...)