[ Bound by Code ] - The Girl with the Fishbowl Head: A Soft and Creamy LitRPG [Book 1 Complete!]

A story with a lot of action, sudden plot developments and a healthy dose of humor. The premise seems amusing on its own, but as the story progresses, it grows and becomes even better as the world-building starts to shine. Overall, I recommend it to most people who are in search of an adventurous and hilarious LITRPG story.



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Even though the story is relatively old - 20 years is not a small amount of time - it feels fresh and has a nice twist. The protagonist of the story is a seemingly ordinary young man with an unordinary destiny that starts to slowly reveal itself once his real nature is brought up to light. Characters feel vivid, fleshed out and a tad feisty. The plot seems to move quickly, changing billions lives in its wake. I can't say for sure if the story will have an interesting continuation, but so far it has potential.

The Choice of Twilight

The first few chapters start relatively ordinary, nothing explicitly supernatural in them. The story, however, develops rapidly carrying the reader off to toy land - the realm of Santa Claus' antipode. The flow of the story is smooth, at some points slower and sometimes fast, very fast, in a way similar to a ride on rollercoaster, where you rise slowly, only to plunge on a breathtaking speed. The story also has elements of foreshadowing and gradual emotional buildup. Overall, the story is pretty good, I recommend giving this one a try.

The Out of this World Adventures of a Jellyfish Trucker

A wacky sci-fi story with a kind of feeling one could get from one of the ageless series.

"The tea was delivered to the Waterworld of Kanton. Delanmyidis returned home and off on another adventure."

Epic when needed, with a dose of lightheartedness and adventure, I recommend this story for those with interest in space, tea and jellyfish.

Re: (Union//Incarnation)

So far, this tale didn't have the dungeoneering feeling I got accustomed to and was partly expecting from the story based on its description. The story has a huge assortiment of characters, a lot of running involved and yes, the 'incarnation' - trump card the protagonist gets after vowing to uphold a contract. One of the prominent parts of the story is its protagonist who is strong-willed and resolute, ready to bet her life when the situation requires it.

There are some minor grammar mistakes, but nothing a few edits can't get rid of. The premise is promising, but it's tricky to say for sure how it develops. Overall, this story has what it takes to shine brightly.


Among the better part of stories I saw on royalroad. The pacing is fast, the descriptions vivid. I was unsure whether to read it, but in the end I don't regret that I did. The plot tends to lean towards being unexpected, consistently preparing twists. The story has its macabre parts, but doesn't steep too deep into them, adhering to the golden middle. Overall, it'a good story, I recommend it.

Author's Rant

The Story of Trial and Error

Author, in order to bring this story to life, made a great endeavor, circumventing royalroad's pliers. The story has a pretty unexpected plot, an attractive mc (as stated in the tags) and an unlimited potential. We get to hear some of the author's thoughts and some of the problems one can encounter while submitting story to royalroad or having many ideas with a shadow of laziness lurking around.

The Ooze That Ate Everyone

A short story that reminds of classic horror ooze stories, which could be found in books written in the last century. This one however takes a different approach, narrating about a man who observes the world after its end. We get to see man's emotions, thoughts and what exactly happens after the end.

Sunflower : [A sunflower based litRPG]

A rather good story. Interesting premise, well written descriptions with events unfolding in an unhurried manner. Narration is serene, even when it comes to mildly cruel events - and this story has some. Not because of anyone being a vile being, whose deeds cannot be condoned, but rather because it's the way of the nature.

Not another zombie apocalypse role playing game

In case you were worried it might be Friday, when I was writing this review, it wasn't.

The story has a fun 'Narrator', which describes the situation the protagonist gets into in a somewhat biased, yet amusing manner. It has some ideas stored - plot isn't always linear.

Overall, if you are looking for something with a bit of humour and adventure, I recommend giving this story a try.