So far it's a fairly interesting twist on the common ported to another world trope.

*I just wish that it was mentioned in the synopsis that many of the side character were going to be gay/trans. I don't have a problem with it but it was a bit of a shock to suddenly have that come out.

The Demon Lord's Seal

Great Story with Demons, Swords, and Sorcery

This is a very good novel that should be getting much more attention than it has. An interesting read with a lot of potential.

The Forbidden Class

This was an interesting read with a few issues before the rewrite but it's gotten much better now. Can't wait to read more of it. I'm interested to see more about the Blood Mage class and the rewrite has a few more plot twists and story development. All in all it is a great story about a young man who takes on a dark class to protect the ones he loves and get revenge on thosewho hurt them.


Interesting cross between harem and monster tamer

The novel is unique in that humans, or hominum as they are called in the book are extremely rare unlike most novels. The primary sentients are beastmen and women who all show animal traits of some kind or another. The main character is a rare pure human due to his recessive genes and that makes him weaker in magic and physically but allows him to form more bonds than a normal person. Through these bonds he tames 'feral' beastgirls and adds to his harem. It is also kind of nice that the author put a limit on his harem. He can only have up to 6 girls bonded, so many harem novels just keep adding more and more people till you can't even remember all their names or even how many their really are.

All in all the story is a good fantasy novel with heavy erotica elements and better character development than most novels.

Edit: Pretty much the entirety of Volume 3 is told from the POV of a side character that tries to get one of the MC's lovers raped as a prank, might up my rating back to 4.5 if I like how future volumes look. (After reading more I decided to go back up to 4.5.)

2nd Edit: Not really sure about this story anymore. So far it seems like a generic harem where the mc wants to be king. The spoiler is a major spoiler about the end of volume 5 and I would suggest not reading it till you are caught up but I kind of derailed into a rant.

Spoiler: Spoiler


The park master.

Good Idea but horrible execution

I think you have a great premise, the main character is going to be a Park Master, which sounds like some kind of druid, gardener, dungeon master cross from what I can gather.

The problem though is this story is complete wish fufillment and reads like a middle schooler wrote it. On his birthday he suddenly gets tons of money, land, and everything handed to him. Then you have the mayor personally give him the exact two classes that he wants and his parents buy him not only a 'park crystal' but even a house, a massive tract of land, and a flying island. This is all in the first chapter, do you see my point.

You talked about how a normal family needs 3 gold a year to survive but then you have his siblings, parents, grandparents, and friends all giving him hundreds of gold not even counting the land, park crystal, and other stuff. I get that they are probably rich because they have a park crystal as well but you need to mention that. 

Good idea but currently has poor execution and reads like a complete wish fufillment. (I think you should keep writing but you really need to consider a rewrite will probably be necessary in the future if you want more people to read it.)


Okay but not great

While an interesting concept a person starting as an inhuman race in the end it took a detour. The main character isn't really inhuman and is much to passive, he doesn't think for himself and always gets in trouble, lost, or killed. I like some of the ideas but the characters especially the main one don't mesh with me.

Chronicles of a Dungeon Core

Great Dungeon story that also has an adventurer component to it. A good story it has a few rocky moments and some of the characters are a bit one dimensional but all in all it is an interestting take on a dungeon building novel.

Spoiler: While some people complain about the memory loss portion and it could have been executed better it really helped the mc grow as a character. Afterwards he is finally in touch with his emotions and acts more like a real person not some caricature. 

A Dragon's Dungeon

Interesting take on a Dungeon Story

I really enjoy A Dungeon's Dragon. It is a new twist on the more common dungeon story. The characters have enough flaws to keep them interesting and are more developed than most stories on royal road. Grammar is also good and the story has set up an interesting world that one can't wait to explore. It hints about possible conflicts with demons and maybe dragons down the line.

Super Novice ©

Good story but characters lack depth

I like the premise of the story which is different than the normal fantasy or system based story but when it comes down to it the characters are kind of lacking. There is a great story lurking here with hints about his fathers past, interesting aquantainces he meets, and the mc's drive to grow stronger. 

The problem is the charaters. Besides the mc who only cares about fighting, not a bad thing if you spin it right. You have a noble that only cares about sleeping, his gay? servant, and a chatty merchant/leather worker. While they could use work I could live with it if it was just them. However every female character is an older women that falls in love with one of the young, 16 year old boys that star in the novel. I wouldn't mind it if it was just one but so far every female that has been featured falls in line with that.

Phoenix Rising

Good premise but mind numbing characters

I think this started out a pretty good story. You have family drama, the hardworking kid, and all that but there is no signs of any character progression. Which would be easier to take if the author hadn't used multiple time skips to get him to 12 years old. I kept waiting for time skip to happen and him to develop a brain but that never happened after 100+ chapters.

Another problem is the plot which is entirely one dimensional. Almost from the very begining we know who he's going to be, then people just appear to help him grow stronger.