1. On (Re)writing.

      Well, you know that feeling right? You're unsatisfied with your previous chapters or got criticism that said that there wasn't enough personality and style in you story right? So what do you on that? (...)

    2. Re: This is embarrassing, but what is style and personality in writing?

      Well, I went and read the first 3 chapters and I have to agree that the story would benefit from more, and more consistent, personality.  The main character is not coming across as deeply upset, which (...)

    3. Re: This is embarrassing, but what is style and personality in writing?

      Thanks for all your tips, problem is, I already feel that I have a set style of writing, and I think I did add personality that is pretty understandable, like I know the reactions of the protagonist to (...)

    4. This is embarrassing, but what is style and personality in writing?

      Like the title says, I want to know what is style and personality. Like what exactly do you mean when you say that a story needs style and personality? I just want to learn more about it so I can improve, (...)

    5. Check this out!

      Yo, I'm writing a story (obviously) and I want you to read it. It's a litrpg about a girl that gets reincarnated as a drake in a very deadly world sort of like kumo desu ga if you have ever read that, (...)

    6. Re: I despise cockroaches.

      Man, the ones I have are the big ones that run around and sometimes fly. And oh my god. The flying ones! They are literal devil spawn. I once was changing my clothes in my room when I think that I see (...)

    7. I despise cockroaches.

      Everybody on planet earth hates those little bastards, seriously. Their very existence makes me sick, I really hate them. Let me share with you a horror story with cockroaches I once had, so me and (...)

    8. Re: Recommend me your story!

      Ight, here have mine, both are fantasy. But I am only working on reborn as a drake btw. Reborn as a drake is pretty inspired by kumo desu ga, if you've ever seen that. I have a lot of stuff planned out (...)

    9. Re: Giving out [Free] reviews

      Woah! This is one long thread, it's kinda making me nervous. But here, I'd like you to review the reborn as a drake one, since that is the one I am working on right now. Gosh I am really nervous.

    10. Re: Yo. I wanna say hi.

      short and sweet, i like it, welcome to the royal forum both your series look quite nice, i have respect for them can't go wrong with cute foxes and dragons, they're the best anyways, i hope you like (...)

    11. Yo. I wanna say hi.

      Yo, I'm kinda old here, but this is the first time I'm talking here. I've heard that you should interact with others so here I am interacting. Ight that's it.