1. Re: Ha-ha you activated my trap card! Over-zealous planning!

      If you’re not enjoying writing a chapter chances are your readers won’t enjoy the chapter either. Skip to the next bit you’re excited to write! Like I just had a heck of a time writing about my himbo (...)

    2. Re: Free First Chapter Feedback!

      Could you give my book, "Ti Lepus Dies" a look, thank you! This one is sort of middle of the road for me with nothing really hooking me, so would not keep reading.  There's not a lot to say here. (...)

    3. Re: Fight scenes.

      I try to make it real, ie, sword fights are over quickly in reality! Then everyone moves on!

    4. Re: Ha-ha you activated my trap card! Over-zealous planning!

      Yes, I to am avoiding the books I need to get going again. It ain't easy!

    5. Re: Who here has the strongest MC

      Ok, lets see, this is the central guiding figure in my Dark Lord series i.e. The Dark Lord. Name:  Unknown to almost everyone, but know to a few of his people who have similar but lesser powers. (...)

    6. Re: I've grown to hate stories where the underdog is automatically the good guy

      Hmmm, lets see, my MC, although not necessarily the protagonist is a supremely powerful entity, is called The Dark Lord but always has to be careful in using his powers and usually works through others. (...)

    7. Re: Symbolism - Nonsense or Necessary?

      Like every other literary device, it has its uses. Wheter it is good or bad, depends on the author!

    8. Re: Lost novel

      A little more then writing but less then writ!

    9. Re: Lost novel

      I think that a tad more information is needed! Like is it yours that is lost?


      I have four followers, I don't know who they are, but thanks!!!

    11. Re: Underrated Genres/Genre-Mashups?

      Great ideas there. The work I am currently doing is a dark retelling of an earlier work that I am currently posting. Its going to be Baaaaad!!

    12. Re: To all authors: don't give up if you're demotivated. Press on, rewrite, or start a new story. Whatever it (...)

      While I agree with what Delta said I would like to bring in the big elephant in the room which is... Gamelit/LitRPG genres.  I myself have been somewhat successful but I'm not fooling myself into (...)

    13. Re: To all authors: don't give up if you're demotivated. Press on, rewrite, or start a new story. Whatever it (...)

      I have written four book, rewrote the first one three times and the second one four! I am also in the process of rewriting the second book again as an updated one set a thousand years later. It is (...)

    14. Re: Plot holes in your writing?

      Plot holes? Plot holes? What are they? LOL In reality I have had more than a few pointed out to me!

    15. Re: Random Quirk

      I have noticed that some of my chapters have more activity than others, but not as extreme as yours.

    16. Re: October Thread - Promote your Story

      "Ti Lepus Dies" has seventy two chapters and over 160,000 words. Currently I am posting every second and third day. The book revolves around Cami sis Nep, a low status fourteen year old girl who takes (...)

    17. Re: If there's new writing&reading platform

      what do you mean by hiding something sneaky? There are some web hosting platforms that by agreeing to their terms and conditions severely limit your rights as property holder. Even I've had an (...)

    18. Re: Sunday Snippet Sharing 03/10 | WEEK TEN

      From Return, Jenna has taken the position as Pilot on a freighter/pirate ship and is travelling to another galaxy. To keep fit, she works out in the freighters hold, sometimes the crew watch..... . Watching (...)

    19. Re: Did your characters do something stupid?

      Yes, it what drove the plot of my book 'Return.'