1. Re: Story Idea Giveaways

      You get undressed and go out to get into your new houses hot tub. As you lean back, you discover that the hot tub is alive as is the rest of your house. However, the house doesn't want to kill you but (...)

    2. Re: Tropes that you enjoy seeing

      Boy meets girl, Boy loses girl Boy finds girl Girl takes boy to her father who is the local tyrant he has promised to kill! (You take it from there!)

    3. Re: Do you guys consider this as incest?

      :DrakanFascinating: :DrakanThinking:

    4. Re: So ... What are y'all reading lately?

      Doing some heavy reading: "The Rise and fall of The Third Reich." You could almost subtitle it "And how to win all power and how not to lose it!" Ranks up there with "The Prince." Which I also have (...)

    5. Re: Preferred Travel Method

      Car if possible, I like the freedom to do my own thing when I arrive.

    6. Re: How do you all feel about stories where any character can die?

      I like reading history, especially that which involves wars. Man do a lot of people die in wars! That being said, you have to have meaning to those you kill of. I know that Stephen Kings says "Kill (...)

    7. Re: How recommended is Wheel of Time?

      If you want a starting series, try Tamora Pierce and her Beka Cooper series.  Just three books but there is a whole set of world building with books covering other time periods.

    8. Re: In Your Opinion...

      I don't have such strong feelings one way or another. I do think though that the 'Elvish' thing has been over done for now.

    9. Re: Need the worst first lines ever.

      At a bar, "Do you come here often?"

    10. Re: 'Bout to reach 100 chapters.

      Hmmm, a lot of writing there, Congratulation's!

    11. Re: Anyone know exactly how many stories are on RR?

      Hmmmmm that could keep me going for a while!

    12. Re: When would you give up?

      I haven't read every post but you have got some good advice. Especially about the editor. What I will ad is the quote from "Galaxy Quest"  ....  "Never give up! Never surrender!"

    13. Re: I think I lost my mind but regrets

      Now you can start to work on a whole new backlog!! :DrakanFascinating:

    14. Re: What is the most out of context thing your characters have said.

      A sound disturbed her, “Yes, who is it?” She muttered. “There’s nobody here but us chickens,” came in a sing song voice that was horribly familiar. A chuckle followed. Spinning the chair around almost (...)

    15. Re: What brings meaning to your life?

      These days being able to get out of bed in the morning. The time will come when I won't, without assistance. be able to. So I will enjoy my freedom while I can.

    16. Re: Rereading books when you're older (Wheel of Time)

      I got about halfway through the WOT book 1, then gave it away! I still have Conan on my shelf and E.E. Doc Smith. A recent series I am a convert to is Garth Nix and his Abhorsen series.

    17. Re: Where Do You Enjoy Thinking and Writing?

      Different places, sometimes in bed, sometimes when walking. That last can be dangerous as I can zone out and lose my self awareness and almost get run over!

    18. Re: Time.

      Return I started about twenty years ago, it has gone through several rewrites and I went on hiatus a couple of times. Ti Lepus Dies has also been off and on for several years. Cami is a spin off from (...)

    19. Re: Is this me alone or?

      I have written a couple of sex scenes but won't publish them. They really didn't fit.  One was a straight wham, bam, thank you mam and the other was a girl-girl scene. I liked the second one better and (...)