Isaac Unknown: The Albatross Tales (Book 1)
Ok. This was not what I was expecting when I started reading and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Interesting premise and characters so far. I have just started out and plan to read more. I have feeling it's only going to get more interesting from here. Looking forward to it and recommend the same to others as well

I Nearly Died and My Tongue Was Swapped With A Demon King's

Ok. I planned to read just one chapters but ended reading the entire two chapters and was sad to realise there were no further chapters. So that say a lot.

Its still in the early stages.  But I see a lot potential in it. 

The flow could be slightly improved but that's more of a personal choice. 

All the best, would look forward to more.

Woukd recommend others to give it a try as well :)


The Butcher of Gadobhra

Have all the ingredients to be a major hit

Have started reading it out. And it looks like it has a lot of potential and I imagine it will go a long way.

It easily hooked me to the story with looking for more. Had started reading with the plan to just check it out but definitely will read a lot more.

Like th game mechanics and the world building. Specially the usage of blue screens and skills.

Would definitely recommend everyone to give it a try

Darke Mag'yx

Lot of potential waiting to be unleashed

I have been planning to write the review for sometime but got delayed.

I have to say the novel was a pleasant surprise to me. Its not like the usual stories that I read, but something about the novel kept me engaged. I can feel story building up and can clearing feel that the author has some good plans/plots that he will be revealing soon. So overall a good story which I enjoyed and would recommend others to read.

Grammer : I couldnt find any grammer errors in the story. It is well written and there are no issues at all. The quality is top notch and hope it continues the same.

Story : I like the story really well. I just wish the pacing was bit faster. There were lot of areas where I wished things would happen faster. But then again, it could be just my personal preference. But overall the story was very engaging and makes you wonder what comes next.

Character : This is best part of the story. I loved the different characters and the interactions/relation among them. It was well written and felt very real, which not every story can do. The characters from different backgrounds getting together due to the circumstances was very nice to see.

Style : Again , just wish the pacing was bit faster. Apart from that all good. 

Overall a great read and would recommend you to give it a try

Demon Earth : Revelation

I just started reading the novel. Haven't got far. And I'm not really sure where the story is headed, but I have to admit I'm really curious to find out where it is going.

The story seems like it could be great. I'm going to check it out further and see how it goes.

I feel the pace of the story could be faster but again that could be my personal preference. So don't mind that too much.

Overall a good story and would suggest everyone to give it a try, same as me who is going to be reading more chapters

Legend of the Spellthief

So happened to read this story by chance and it was pleasant surprise. It is good, engaging and easily draws you in.

I am going to continue reading it and see where it goes.

One small feedback is that o feel the blue and others boxes can be done better. Doesn't impact the story in anyway but will improve the reader experience.

If you are still considering whether to read it, definitely give it a try

The Gate of Shadows

A very emotional and touching story

I planned to only read just the first chapter when I started reading it. But the novel pullled me in.

And before I knew it I was fully into it. The depth of emotions of the characters is a really great. The relationships between them more beautiful. 

This is a nice change from all the other stories out there. It feels more real.

I would certainly suggest everyone to give this a try.

Space Lord (on Rewrite)

I have always been a sucker for good reincarnation stories. And this seems to have all the right components to it. Though I have just started reading it, I have already marked it to my follow list. I have a great feeling about this novel and am gonna read it to the end. Would encourage everyone to give it a try :)


Good start and have a lot of potential

I liked the story so far. It is still in its initial stage. But definitely would look forward to more.

Liked use of the blue boxes. 

I think the pacing could be bit better. There were times I was loosing track of it or had to read again.

But overall good story with lot of potential :)

Tales of an Unlikely Wizard (Isekai LitRPG)🌟

The story is really good with a lot of potentials. It will keep you engaged and looking for more chapters. But the pace is really slow. There were parts that I was skipping while reading. Like the entire first chapter could be redone and reduced a lot. But overall, the story is great.

Style: The style is great except for the pacing, which I mentioned above. Good use of the blue boxes as well. The story keeps you hooked, wanting for more.

Story: The story has a lot of potentials. This looks more like a crafting novel compared to other fighting focused novels. But that only adds to the charm of the story. Curious about how the Main character will develop himself further. The overall world building had been fantastic as well.

Grammar: Couldn't find any errors. So overall, pretty good from the grammar point of view. So kudos on that.

Character: The character development has been good so far. The side characters have been fleshed out well as well. Will look forward to how the character progresses further.

Overall a great read. And if you are still on the fence about this story, I would definitely suggest giving it a try.