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    3. Re: Running two titles

      My quality is pretty high, I think (though older works reflect their age).  My update consistency, however, is non-existent.

    4. Re: Promote Your Story by Turning Your Protagonist into a Weapon

      If Mika (from Stonesong) were a weapon, she’d be one of those tiny little brightly-colored transparent squirt guns that break after like, one use. Why? She hisses a lot (read: sprays spit everywhere), (...)

    5. Re: How do you motivate yourself to write?

      Honestly, my biggest challenge is motivating myself to do things other than write. And I love tv and entertainment too, like… a LOT. But I just watch stuff in the background while I work on things. It (...)

    6. Re: What is the difference between your passion and your skill level in writing?

      I don’t think I’m the best person to assess my own skill level. I will say, however, that the only things I become good at are the ones I’m passionate about. Otherwise I just…can’t really be bothered. (...)

    7. Re: Book Marketing 101: How to Hit #1 on Amazon's Bestseller List

      Some very solid advice. Glad to know I’m doing something right with my book-review reading obsession, lol. That said…I don’t agree with an author who isn’t an artist giving his designer a strict mock-up (...)

    8. Re: Series wherein the MC's power is Biomancy/Biokinesis and/or be Prototype-Lite

      My story Mirefall involves a variation of biokinesis (over humans and animals), while The Persephone Variant has biokinesis over plants. Stonesong, too, also includes a few variations of biomancy. Stormstruck (...)

    9. Re: Do you ever stalk negative reviews?

      Book reviews are a special interest of mine. Especially negative ones. Especially especially negative reviews for books I love. For one thing, they’re fascinating. Sometimes, I read each one as a snippet (...)

    10. Re: 6 Things That Bring You Happiness

      One thing that you see that makes you happy - when my little dog Toulouse wags his tiny tail One sound that makes your heart "!!" - thunder One scent that comforts you - the scent of rain  One taste (...)

    11. Re: Writing LitRPG be like

      Meanwhile there’s me, building in-world reasoning for why the math behind the system is imprecise so that I don’t have to deal with it lol 

    12. Re: [WINNERS DECIDED] The [Royal Road Community Magazine] Contest [June Edition]

      Omg I have never won a contest of any kind before ever...thank you!! :DrakanWine:

    13. Re: Promote your story by telling us about your favourite scene (it can be already written or one you have planned)

      For Stonesong, currently this one:

    14. Re: Stonesong Art Thread This is definitely a reference to a meme but I’m unsure if anyone will be able to tell which one

    15. Re: Is Star Wars A Good Example?

      It’s science fiction and it’s fantasy. Some branches of Star Wars media are more space opera, others are more Western. Genre is rarely hard and fast and all-encompassing. “Speculative fiction” is a great (...)

    16. Re: Stonesong Art Thread

      The latest creature and all pictures of scenery get quite surreal Thanks!  :DrakanMelt:

    17. Re: Dogs or Cats? Vanilla or Chocolate?

      1. Both, to both 2. Also, rats. Rats are wonderful little creatures 

    18. Re: My review was deleted for rule 3.3

      I wish people did not get so up-in-arms over the term “racist.” Most of us are, to a degree, due to cultural conditioning. And we can never truly unlearn that shit until we look it in the eye, recognize (...)