1. Re: Emotions

      Today I’m in my usual state—which is to say, I can’t really identify what or how I feel. My thoughts are a tangle of imagery but my emotions are just static. There, a noise in the background, but indecipherable. (...)

    2. Re: MC Development - What Path Do You Prefer?

      It’s not deliberate, but looking at my stories as a whole…I’m apparently really into characters who suddenly gain an enormous amount of power but who have difficulty learning how to contain/direct/wield (...)

    3. Re: Free Author Premium Giveaway! 5+ Winners!!!

      Oh, awesome. Thanks to you and Dr.Bruller for doing this! Count me in please :)

    4. Re: What is the most annoying reoccurring fantasy race?

      Humans. I want more stories where they simply don't exist and all the races/species in the story are completely imagined 

    5. Re: Who would you take from your world to be your wingman and why?

      I’ve never really understood the functionality of a wingman, so if I could summon anyone from any of my stories I’d summon E.J. Butler from Stormstruck and just date her instead. 

    6. Re: Unconventional Inspirations?

      My book Mirefall was inspired by a puddle. The woods along the path I walk my dog on flooded a bit and the dead leaves released tannins into the water that made it iridescent, almost like an oil-slick. (...)

    7. Re: Talking to writers has made me jaded

      I adore pretentious asshole writers who can’t actually write. Why? Because they make me feel incredibly superior and I don’t even have to feel bad about it because they’re jerks. You know the ones. (...)

    8. Re: For the anime watchers and manga readers out there...

      Not sure about the others, but Wicked Honey was inspired by Food Wars. 

    9. Re: Your Favorite Character

      Juniper, the MC of Wicked Honey. She’s not intimidated by anything. She’s straight-forward. She can solve pretty much any problem with food, and it’ll be fucking delicious. She’s not so much the kind (...)

    10. Re: How to write about something i have never experience?

      Youtube is an incredible resource.  There are millions of people on there talking about their personal experiences in depth. Chances are there's someone talking about an experience similar to the one (...)

    11. Re: People pointing out typos and grammar mistakes appreciation thread

      I love when readers do this. I try to make sure I always give rep and reply to thank them every time it happens.  When people respond poorly to that sort of thing, it demonstrates a lack of professionalism (...)

    12. Re: What makes your story stand out?

      The covers. Also, I’ve been told some of my ideas are pretty weird/unusual and that others are unusual/new takes on familiar-feeling things. 

    13. Re: Author Etiquette Questions!

      I give rep for pretty much all comments. I will also reply to thank people for any kind of constructive criticism or correction they give me. The more effort someone puts into their feedback, the more (...)

    14. Re: What's in a title?

      Mostly I try to use simple words and phrases that sound cool/intriguing and which reference something in the chapter while suiting the overall mood of the story. For Wicked Honey it's all got to be (...)

    15. Re: Giving out [Free] reviews [YES, I AM STILL OPEN]

      Good Sir Duck, If you’d review my one reviewless story, Wicked Honey, that would be cool…but I’ll be sure not to thank you for it since you apparently don’t like that (...)

    16. Re: Resources.

      I have learned a metric fuckton from YouTube authors. Also, you might be surprised how much you can learn about writing well by reading lots and lots of (mostly negative) reviews of other people's books. (...)

    17. Re: The write-a-thon approacheth!

      I think I’m gonna focus on my experimental lite litrpg idea in which stats are represented through full visuals rather than blue text boxes. I’m taking advantage of my experience in the game industry and (...)

    18. Re: Your story's theme song.

      I got WAY too overwhelmed considering all of the possible options for all of my stories, so I decided to limit myself to only the finest and most refined of all classical music—Lady Gaga songs.  Wicked (...)

    19. Re: Need to vent?

      I’m a tad bummed lately because, while I feel I’ve gotten my writing to a solid point, other things are ultimately getting in the way of getting that work read by a bunch of people who’ll appreciate it (...)