1. Re: On the Subject of Ratings and Reviews; Or, How I lost the motivation to write following a bad rating

      I respect the arguments made in in argumentum of my original post. Of course I shouldn't be writing for the sake of approval, that would imply that I started out with an inflated sense of importance. However, (...)

    2. Re: On the Subject of Ratings and Reviews; Or, How I lost the motivation to write following a bad rating

      You have tons of glowing ratings and reviews, and you let ONE 2.5 stop you in your creative tracks?  Listen, you have to cultivate the virtue of spite.  I’m an artist. I’m an artist who has and does (...)

    3. Re: Pride and an LGBT+ Tag

      I also think there should be an LGBTQ+ tag 

    4. Re: How big is your backlog of ideas?

      Frankly, I don’t. My signature represents about half the stories I’ve started posting on RR, and the stories I’m posting on RR make up about half of the stories I’m writing total 

    5. What are some settings you’d like to see more of in stories?

      Can be anything—a type of planet, type of environment, time period, dimension, a duck, anything goes! I’ll start  -endless, labyrinthine indoor spaces where if you look out a window, all you see is (...)

    6. Re: Stonesong Art Thread

    7. Re: A Thread For the LGBTQIA+ Community.

      1. What is the name of the story? 2. What is the plot? A princess from an underground, isolationist society is forced to the surface (...)

    8. Re: Tell me what character you want me to paint for you :)

      You know, many digital artists are mad because ai art. This is so funny. I can feel their pain. I’m a digital artist with a buttload of digital artist friends and exactly one (1) of them is mad about (...)

    9. Re: Cover Need

      Here are some options made using Midjourney. If you want anything less vague than this you’ll have to find someone/something else or else pay me lol (...)

    10. Re: Guide on how to support authors

      I do almost all my reading on kindle unlimited.  I thought, and recently checked, that authors got $1,000 if 100 people read 100 pages.  That is what I still found as information a couple days ago.  Someone (...)

    11. Re: Pride, and there should be an LGBT plus tag

      You're the best, Tea! Obviously I want the tag. Here's some of my (gay) art to celebrate this endeavor! (...)

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    13. Re: The Unpopular Views

      I think it’s really sad (and honestly, weird) that the act of dreaming is not more significant to more people. I mean, we (or at least, a lot of us) can experience whole other worlds in our heads, every (...)

    14. Re: Anyone else feel unexpected relief when their time on rising was finally over?

      My Rising Stars experience was pretty nice.  I think this is because I never made it to the front page. I feel like that was actually kind of ideal. Got lots of great new readers, and the haters just (...)

    15. Re: Has Anybody tried adding pictures to his/her story?

      My story Stonesong has one illustration per chapter and yep, it does seem to increase reader enjoyment. 

    16. Re: Where did you get your cover?

      Made ‘em, mostly in Procreate 

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    18. Re: made Rising Star in multiple categories

      A huge achievement! Congratulations  :DrakanWine:

    19. Re: Is there a market for/interest in Royal Road "misfit" stories?

      I've been told a few times that stories like mine have no place on this site, which of course motivated me to write and post even more. With the help of some of the cooler authors (via shout-outs) and (...)

    20. Re: Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be dungeons 🎵

      Well, in the world of Stonesong you gotta hold a bunch of hands to become a dungeon and as everyone knows, that is very very lewd.  I cannot believe this! You actually have the audacity to talk about... (...)