Dungeon Tour Guide: A Healer Dungeon Core LitRPG

Dungeon Tour Guide: A (...)
by Slifer274
643 pages

Cover is by FuyuDust!

★★★★★ Tour guide was super friendly and helped us clear the dungeon!

After Lucas dies during a freak explosion, divine intervention sees him brought back to life with the power to control a new dungeon.

There’s just a couple of issues: his old body is bound to his dungeon, and the craziness of what he thought was his final act is only getting weirder.

When he sees newbie adventures entering his dungeon, though, he decides to help them survive and complete their quests. After all, adventuring is a process, and with a goddess watching over things directly… well, Lucas is about to learn why they say to never wish you lived in interesting times.

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Dungeon Tour Guide is a non-traditional Dungeon Core novel.

What to expect:

- Collaboration with adventurers

- A main character who wants to help people thrive

- Powerful skills and spells for the MC’s dungeon and human halves

- Dungeon building and eventual community building

- A Dungeon Core MC with a human body

Posting schedule: Weekdays

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The Armorer and the Infinite Dungeon [Progression Litrpg]

The Armorer and the Infinite (...)
by Wordiculturalist
885 pages

Ukrainian urban explorer Yulia Ishenko makes a wish upon the heart of Chernobyl to make a difference in the world. Upon touching Chernobylite she is pulled into the world of magic and is reborn in a chimera village on the Edge of the Infinite Dungeon also known as the Bottomless Chasm.

What are these odd, crystalline-organic chimera? What is the System? Can Yulia macgyver her litrpg System to get ahead in an alien culture, return her humanity and regain what she lost without becoming a monster herself? Read to find out!

A progression litrpg with wholesome characters & plentiful adventures of doom!

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Edge Cases

Edge Cases
by SilverLinings
999 pages

Rare classes and powerful skills are helpful. Too bad the system doesn't seem built to handle them. What even are all these errors? 

Our team of outcasts and adventurers will have to rely on their trust - and the bane of all stories, healthy communication - just to survive, let alone understand what the system is doing. Because they're quickly realizing that not all is as it seems, and it's doing something to people, to monsters, and maybe even to the gods themselves.

And their goal isn't just to survive; it's to make things better. It's a good thing they're not doing it alone.


Edge Cases is an attempt to take the LitRPG genre and the overpowered MCs trope and write a story where numbers aren't everything. Sometimes it takes trust, support, and just a touch of being very, very clever.

Expect a mix of action, slice-of-life, friendship, and ominous worldbuilding.

Updates M-W-F at 6pm EST

Cover art by Alovck of Artstation, and typesetting by jessessey right here on RoyalRoad.

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The Accidental Pimp

The Accidental Pimp
by SmilingSatyr
962 pages

Quentin is a deeply depressed man, a hermit and anonymous celebrity who kills people to the sound of applause. Razia is a fast woman, perpetually on the run from the consequences of her actions. When a chance meeting brings the two of them together, life in Orchrisus becomes more bearable with someone to watch their backs. She gains a fierce protector and a reason to not burn bridges, he gains a companion and a reason to keep fighting. Soon, Quentin is dragged deep into an unfamiliar world of criminals, prostitutes, and weirdest of all: a social life.

Come for the spicy alternative to litRPG and Isekai stories, stay for the sex, violence, and high octane brooding. 

Updates on Fridays. And Tuesdays when I'm feeling spicy.


The Accidental Pimp is a character driven fantasy dramedy focusing on the lives of a gladiator and a prostitute. It's faster paced than slice of life but a bit slower than traditional serials. It features a slow burn romance, graphic violence, LGBT characters, some sexual situations, healthy polyamory (eventually) but NOT a harem, and a dumb title I can't find a replacement for.

On hiatus for a few months. Come binge one of the most stories ever posted on RR.

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The Future That Never Was — The Rings Will Rise Again!

The Future That Never (...)
by Space Pickle
778 pages


The Future That Never Was features an alternate space age where the Soviets colonized the belt before David Bowie sang Life on Mars; where rogue AIs took over the web; where pizza came in cans. Humankind couldn’t dream of a more exciting future. Yet, as foolishness eventually turned Earth into a nuclear wasteland, shadows began to conspire from the heart of the Moon to beyond the mysterious Planet Nine…

The book series is an extended universe which includes numerous R-rated titles. All of them will be uploaded on Royal Road. Check the Index or the list below for the main stories.

🐈  KITTY KITTY - Completed - READ

Join sassy space cat Lee and his Desert Eagle-toting, soda-swigging human partner, Ali, in a future stuck in the late 80s/early 90s. Board the dynamic duo’s ship, the mythical Kitty, as they bounty-hunt their way through a dystopian solar system—so lock and load, and shout Cowabunga! because it’s crime-fightin’ time! 


Amid the chaos of the Rings Civil War, a disgraced pilot finds himself tangled in a vast vendetta involving a megacorporation, android mercenaries and data-cartels. From Saturn’s Plastic Fields to the fringes of Kuiper, his violent redemption is an 80s-esthetic space western filled with tears, blood and... ducks?

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

Other stories related to the first arc of The Future That Never Was:

RADIO FREAK - Standalone biopunk short story featuring Ali Koviràn, the Data Maiden and Bill Murray

STELLAR PATRIOTS - Special episodes with Braun Kamirov, linking KITTY KITTY to the upcoming DATA dilogy and CYBER MACHO



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