1. Re: Words

      Ya, you may be right, this could be personal. I just didn't think most people would like a book where a noticeable amount of the vocabulary was words they didn't know.

    2. Re: Words

      I just wanted to stop in here to say that some of us psychopaths enjoy seeing and learning new words. It was one of my favourite things about the Lemony Snickett 'series of unfortunate events' books. (...)

    3. Words

      Hehe, sorry about the subject, I'm no good at titles. I just wanted to talk about some of the things that annoy me when I read books and point them out so that you guys don't make the same mistake. Wow, (...)

    4. Re: What are you struggling with in your writing right now?

      I'd say my issues are pacing and detail. I'm not sure why, but critiquing my own work is much harder than critiquing others, so often I find that I miss simple things that I would have caught in other (...)

    5. Re: What do you think of when coming up with a story first, the beginning or the ending?

      I usually start with the beginning of a book, but I don't think I'd ever seriously consider writing said book unless I also come up with a decent and hopefully satisfying ending.  I learned my lesson (...)

    6. Re: Who has the most evil antagonist? (Battle of Your Villains)

      My antagonist is the literal antithesis of life. They want nothing more than the extinction of all life across all multiverses. And they've been pretty successful at it, destroying millions to billions (...)

    7. I'd like your opinion for a bad guy

      So in a lot of fiction, the bad guys or bad guy is just the stepping stone for the protagonist. The bad guy has all their evil plans and moral beliefs in place, but the good guys just started out or something (...)

    8. Re: How to write a title?

      I don't much like the books, but 'Eragon' is probably one of the greatest book titles of all times. Take the word 'dragon'. Move the letter 'd' in said word one step down the alphabet. End up with an (...)

    9. How to write a title?

      This isn't a thread where I give advice on how to write a good title, I don't have such knowledge unfortunately. But I do want to ask how you guys came up with your titles? Is there a certain something (...)

    10. Re: Funniest excerpt from your fiction?

      Alright, so this one definitely isn't my fiction, but I think one of the funniest books I've ever read was Adventures of Tom Stranger, Interdimensional Insurance Agent. The humor is just so casual. Unfortunately (...)

    11. Re: What would be the weirdest place for a fight scene/action scene

      Waffle House (I'd like to see the jokes you could make with that, something like) The scene opens at the front of a Waffle House, several windows have broken, a nearby trash can is on fire for some reason, (...)

    12. Re: Chaotic Shiny

      Another one I liked is the Academic field generator in the silly section, which as you probably guessed, is a little silly.

    13. Re: Chaotic Shiny

      Glad you like it.

    14. Chaotic Shiny

      I'm not sure if anyone is interested in this, but I was looking for a name generator while I was having some trouble coming up with one and I found this website called Chaotic Shiny. It has a ridiculously (...)

    15. Re: Trying Again, With A New Novel!

      To be totally honest, I'm not that into the genre you're proposing, but I do have some immediate ideas that would draw me in. My first question would be are the suits different for everyone, or are (...)

    16. Re: Scrapping a Book

      Thanks guys, this helps a bunch.

    17. Re: Why are female protagonists so prevalent on the top stories on royalroad?

      I'm not sure I'm really contributing to this thread much, but I'd like to mention that the book having a male as the lead is a big thing for me. Not because I can't see a female as a lead but rather because (...)

    18. Scrapping a Book

      So I won't get into the whole story, but basically I had lost my mojo with my first book and started a second book in hopes that I might come up with new ideas for my first book after a break. My second (...)

    19. Re: Writing Books

      Thanks for the tips everyone, I wasn't expecting more people to answer. More of you are saying that pushing through on my original book will help me learn how to write the middle and end of a book, which (...)

    20. Re: Writing Books

      Thanks for the help, you've all given me good ideas for my writing. I'm not sure how I'll go about using my other book ideas but you've all been a great help.