1. Re: Shamelessley looking for encouragement

      I think everything you're putting out can possibly become overwhelming, but if you do two things you should be fine, Make sure to give out information properly instead of doling out info dumps like they're (...)

    2. Re: Book idea

      BTW what happened to the first godslayer? I'm not 100% sure yet, chances are I write that he got seriously injured after killing a god, the only gods around in his time were full blooded gods after (...)

    3. Re: Book idea

      I'm surprised the gods aren't the protagonists here. With the way the premise was going, I was expecting a "human, bad!" kinda take on the godslayers. Nope, basically the humans were beginning to get (...)

    4. Re: Book idea

      This is great.  Can’t wait to read it! You'd probably have to wait a while. The only book on Royal Road that I have out has been put on hold indefinitely and the one I've moved on to has slowed down (...)

    5. Book idea

      So as some of you may know, I asked the question earlier of whether or not Royal Road was a safe place to talk about your book ideas and I got a good amount of feedback. So here I am, talking about a book (...)

    6. Re: I have a question.

      If I punch myself and it hurts, am I weak or am I strong? I'm surprised this question is being asked in a website with so many LitRPG books, if you punch yourself and you get hurt, you have a strength (...)

    7. Book Covers

      So I'm relatively new to RR and I was wondering how you guys get your covers. Sure, not all of them are winners, but there are always a special few that really grab my attention and I obviously would like (...)

    8. Book Covers

      So I'm relatively new to RR and I was wondering how you guys get your covers. Sure, not all of them are winners, but there are always a special few that really grab my attention and I obviously would like (...)

    9. Is Royal Road a safe place?

      So as I'm writing my book, I've come up with two other book ideas (it can be a real problem at times) and I wanted to talk to people about main idea and the plot of those stories, if I even have a plot (...)

    10. Re: It happened... I wrote a program to model a LitRPG

      I personally think that a litrpg that focuses on the numbers more than things like common sense and chance aren't so good. Sometimes you have to make the litrpg aspect a little vague so that characters (...)

    11. Re: Who can your character beat in a fight and why?

      My main character could probably kill any living animal on earth at the moment one on one (with the exception of things like whales and microscopic stuff because of size differences). By the time the story (...)

    12. Re: Blind character, any fighting tips?

      It all really depends on the setting of your world, if you give some more info on that then you could get some much more specific answers.

    13. Re: Decoy Protagonist

      I once had the idea of writing a decoy protagonist, but it was supposed to be about one chapter long and it was more of a lesson about no matter how strong the 'protagonist' appeared or how cool he was, (...)

    14. Re: What would your fiction's title be if it was a japanese light novel?

      How I became a god with a time-traveling amnesiac and a romance novel addict

    15. Re: Present your story with a terrible, oversimplified blurb.

      A socially awkward martial artist, a time traveling amnesiac, and a romance novel junkie become gods.

    16. Re: Pacing

      on a good day i can do two thousand words of rhyme if it's prose though i can do five thousand at a time on an average day though it's like half that to be fair i think that i'm improving though, (...)

    17. Pacing

      I'm still no good at titles, but I have an important question. How many words in your book can you write per hour when you know what you want to write? How many words in your book can you write per hour (...)

    18. Re: I would kill for the ability to freeze time, literally.

      To be honest, all the work arounds you guys are trying to make so that you can freeze time is just a bunch of wasted effort. You should try to go in a different direction.  Create a pocket space where (...)

    19. Re: Words

      I should probably try to better clarify what I meant. It's just my opinion that words you don't know can detract from the story because now you're wondering what that word meant and not what's happening (...)

    20. Re: Words

      I did say to use words that you would use in a conversation, but I guess I should have realized that that could mean different things to different people.