1. What's your opinion on unique levels?

      I'm sorry if that was pretty vague. To clarify, image a stereotypical litrpg with the normal leveling system (or maybe your preferred system), and then add another unique and individual leveling system (...)

    2. Re: What Do You Think About Harem?

      I didn't read other people's comments so this might have been mentioned before but one of the most annoying things about harem isn't that the plot doesn't exist but that the girls become the plot. Even (...)

    3. Re: Fight Scene Style

      Juzy here did a great job of pointing out the flaws of your first battle and the pros of your second, however I'd like to give my very personal opinion that I liked the first fight scene much more than (...)

    4. Re: Chunky

      Can you chop up those large chunks and schedule them over a period of time? Hopefully, by the time they've all gone up, you already have free time again to write the next large chunk, and then chop it (...)

    5. Chunky

      In case you're confused by my title but were still interested enough to click on it, I wanted to ask what is your opinion on uploading large chunks of your book at a time? I am aware that if you want (...)

    6. Re: When It Comes Time To Writing Your Story Are You A Panster Or A Plotter?

      It's very important for me to have some sort of concrete ending when I start writing a book, but usually anything in between is up for grabs and can take sudden turns that even I, the frickin author did (...)

    7. Re: Is it just me? Or does anybody else not like naming chapters?

      Numbered chapters are easy and simple but a recurring theme for chapter titles can also be really fun, especially the out of context stuff.

    8. Re: What is the end game of slice of life

      Have you ever watched Adventure Time? I recently rewatched and seeing it from beginning to end was mind-blowing. Especially the end, and Adventure time is one of the most slice-of-life shows ever technically. (...)

    9. Please help me procrastinate

      Alright, so I've had this book idea bouncing in my head for a little while, and even though this book will be possibly several years away because I already have a kinda-sorta timeline set up, I'd like (...)

    10. Re: What are some of your hobbies besides writing?

      Asking questions or giving requests that make people assume something way off from what I'm actually doing and not give any context. 

    11. Book covers and showing off your book

      Just two questions. 1. Does anyone know a website or app that's good for making book covers? I don't want to pay someone for one and I'd be willing to put some effort into one. (I use a PC though) 2. (...)

    12. Re: The Anime Lounge

      I naturally need to check if anyone else has been watching Jujutsu Kaisen, it's a great show that I'm confident is getting watched by a lot of people, but I don't know how many people are watching it. (...)

    13. Story Arcs

      I've heard the term story arcs plenty of times in RR and although I have a basic idea of what it is, I'd like a little clarification to make sure I'm not mangling my story with basic mistakes. What I (...)

    14. Re: Has this ever happened to you?

      So I'm writing and all, kinda normal stuff. Typing away on the computer, changing a words and phrases and then I hit a period. The paragraph is done and I decide to use it as the time to check my word (...)

    15. Re: a story idea

      Amine Wrote: I assume the mc gets strong as they became a successful adventurer, but amnesia shouldn't take away any of that strength. It might remove skill, though. Small s skills. Maybe motor skills (...)

    16. Re: a story idea

      I assume the mc gets strong as they became a successful adventurer, but amnesia shouldn't take away any of that strength. Therefore there's a high chance that the mc will not make the same choices as the (...)

    17. First Chapters and Limitations

      There's a book that I've recently started writing that I've decided not to publish at the moment. I did this because the first book I wrote on RR was started spontaneous and I felt that because I wrote (...)

    18. Re: How to name Icons

      You can go for comedic effect, and just name him something dumb like "Jerry". Or "Bob"  It could also use an infinite number of random names. Like, it's the god of chaos, it could refer to itself with (...)

    19. How to name Icons

      I think most of you know what I'm talking about seeing as RR is mostly fantasy webnovels. When I say Icons, I mean those characters who are as old as time, who are a fundamental part of the reality they're (...)

    20. Re: Tropes that you enjoy seeing

      I love a bumch of tropes. One of my favorite probably has to be the two chess masters one- where two highly intelligent characters play cat and mouse against each other with elaborate plots and nuance (...)