Reborn as a Legend

Reborn as a Legend
by Anschluss
307 pages

Credits to Mary Evans for the Cover!

Alfrich Deus was an overworking salaryman who had no purpose in life. The life he had was an empty, pointless cycle of work, sleep and eating. A man who drudged through a dull life, regretting the friends and family he never made.

Alfrich's life suddenly ends when he was killed ‘accidentally’ by a clumsy God, who on realising what she had done, felt ‘remorse’ and granted him a second life. Or so he thought.

Alfrich didn’t know that he was killed on purpose in desperation, he didn’t know he was forced conscript to fight off the hordes of Nightmares.

Reborn into another world, Ezekill sets out into the world to live properly this time. Without knowing his true fate until the truth was shoved on his face.

Armed with modern knowledge fighting against all odds the world threw at him.

This story takes you on an adventure filled with tales of wonder, including enchanted swords, merciless monsters and hard magic.

Updates every 10 days.

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Katarina the Witch Hunter: The Complete Collection

Katarina the Witch Hunter: (...)
by Nestor1079
1.8k pages

Katarina is a Witch Hunter, a free-ranging bounty hunter seeking out Witches, unsanctioned mages for the theocratic Anglish Empire; the empire of the Golden Lady, Goddess of the Dawn. Allies and enemies alike lurk in the towns, cities, and very forests of the continent where Katarina plies her trade. 

This collection contains all nine books previously separate. 

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In Loki's Honor

In Loki's Honor
by MDW
5.2k pages

Subtitle: I'm cursed to die 100 times.



Plot synopsis:

Earth is in turmoil. Fiction of travel to other worlds through the use of magic take on airs of prophecy as youngsters all around the world disappear. Amidst this turmoil, one New Yorker is caught in a traffic accident and chosen by Loki to travel to another world. The god's offer was not a fair one.

But they came not as the Trickster's champion. Their purpose, a sinister one. One that will earn them the enmity of the world. A Heroic destiny is not in their future.

Their only ally is the impartial and pervasive System. Unable to be purged, they came to stay.

Thrown in a barbaric world where life is a dime a dozen, the intruder tries to survive and escape the wrath of the native deities. All the while burdened by divine curses imposed upon them by Loki.

The silver lining is that they can come back. Again and again. Only to restart the chase.

This fiction contains gore, sexual violence, torture, brutality, psychological and physical trauma, and no plot armor whatsoever. Portrayals of racism, misoginy, prejudice, and random violence will happen without warning. There won't be graphycal displays of smut or porn, however. That's important, somehow.

If any of the above can offend you or your sensibility, please don't read. The themes displayed are intended as criticism on why they are bad. The characters' reactions and opinions are their own and don't reflect the author's worldviews.

One more time: THIS IS NOT A SAFE SPACE.

Reader discretion is advised and required.

This work is not intended for people easily offended or minors. This is a non-commercial work and market viability is not a concern.



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A Dragon Idol's Reincarnation Tale

A Dragon Idol's Reincarnation (...)
by AbyssRaven
5.8k pages

"Survival of the fittest is easier said than done...why couldn't I have been reborn a bit bigger, huh?"

If waking up in a new world wasn't bad enough, an idealistic teen starts her new life as a newborn dragon not by being embraced by a loving family, but having to escape two hungry kobolds wanting some grilled lizard for breakfast. Now, status screens obscure her vision in a hostile forest filled with vicious magical monsters, as two concerning Titles welcome her to her new life.

Equipped with fragmented memories from her past life and the game-like mechanics of her new reality, the young dragon must face trials and tribulation, undeterred by the reaper's scythe inches from her neck. Despite her challenges, she is determined to find civilization. For nothing will stop her from fulfilling her one true desire: to become an Idol.

Note: I am currently editing and rewriting my early chapters due to growing as an author over these two years. If you guys notice a sudden drop in writing quality or not a note that this chapter was edited, then please know that I haven't edited them yet. I am using you guys' feedback to grow, so thank you for your patience!

Author Notes: I'll update the story every 2-3 day, if nothing major in my life happens.

The story is mostly inspired by Japanese Light Novels, specifically "I'm a spider, so what?".

Cover art was created by dinal06 over on Fiverr

Please credit the artist and me, the author, if you were to use it. Also, please don't modify and photoshop it.

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