1. Re: HouseBuilding tips.

      If  you want to go in depth about building, then find your local habitat for humanity and volunteer to build a few houses with them. It will demand your Saturdays for a few weeks, but you will learn a (...)

    2. Re: Today's Technology Isn't Good Enough.

      Practice.  You should be able to type faster than you can think.  It will take a lot of practice to get there, but plenty of people can type faster than they can talk.

    3. Re: The Bait and Switch.

      I expect that in the first few chapters the MC got lucky.  We can assume that for every MC who killed a dragon (whatever far more powerful enemy is in your world) far above his level with a lucky strike (...)

    4. Re: I... don't know how to dress characters...

      People love color.  Clothing would only be brown and drab if the person wearing it had no other option - probably a slave (which there may have been a lot of - it takes a lot of slaves to support a rich (...)

    5. Re: is it weird if i using a western name in cultivation world????

      Names come from/with cultures.  So if someone has a western name with otherwise eastern names their actions and reactions need to be different from others with eastern names, and when the two interact (...)

    6. Re: Writing characters with different languages.

      In general don't.  Unless you are writing for someone who speaks both languages (possibly a learner of one - a special market that is untapped, might or might not be a good idea).  I want to read the story, (...)

    7. Re: How long should a good chapter be?

      That depends on the book.  A chapter should be as long as need to show the entire scene and no longer or shorter.  However some scenes are years long, some are seconds.  Some scenes need a few short paragraphs, (...)

    8. Re: How to Keep a Dungeoncore Story Engaging?

      A story is about conflict - not as in fighting, but as in  not getting something.  What limits your dungeon is the real question. You need to invent some limits for your dungeon and then show how to get (...)

    9. Re: Is it True Female MCs are Unpopular?

      Hey Hank, after reading what you wrote I think you are missing a vital piece of your puzzle. Let's say there are two people. One is a woman who works out constantly. She eats right and has no real (...)

    10. Re: Is it True Female MCs are Unpopular?

      I knew people would read too much into what I said and make some false assumptions about my world view... Females/women do have their advantages in some physical situations (my fault for not pointing (...)

    11. Re: Is it True Female MCs are Unpopular?

      If you write a female  make sure they are female.  As opposed to a male in a females body (unless that is what your story is about).  Many authors decide to write a female but she acts just like a male. (...)

    12. Re: How I catch missing words and other subtle errors

      I have  had good luck reading backward.  Start at the end and read backward.  Because it won't make sense that way I spot more errors. It is also hard and tedious and so I rarely do it.

    13. Re: What would you say is an average rating?

      I rarely give anything less than 4 stars because if it is that bad I'll drop it before I have read enough to be sure my opinion on the low score is worth it.  I'm not paid to review fiction so I'm not (...)

    14. Re: What turns you off in a novel?

      The the MC ignores warnings about some is harmful and gets away with it continuously. Either it was perfectly safe and there shouldn't have been warnings (or at least someone should have said "shut up (...)

    15. Re: How important do you think it is to highlight your MC's age?

      there is a big difference between 2 and 3. or 6 and 8.  As you get to teens, the real difference is when and how much hormones kick in and not the exact age.  Once past those years 20 or 30 doesn't make (...)

    16. Re: Grammar Makes No Sense

      Moose is a weird word that doesn't have a plural form.  Natives will go out of their way to not need to use a plural form when they are talking about more than one.

    17. Re: Can Snow be Burnt?

      If you put pure Sodium (the Na in NaCl - table salt) on snow it will  burn - Sodium wants to burn so badly that it will take the oxygen away from the water to burn with, leaving free hydrogen at a high (...)

    18. Re: Bad type of romance

      Many of the fictions on RR are set in a world where marriages were arranged.  While they are fiction so the author can do whatever they want, romance isn't really a part of them.  Royalty should marry (...)

    19. Re: Do stories typically recover from being on Hiatus?

      Can you make it a "end of book 1" and tie up several loose ends.  Make it feel like the is closure if you never come  back, while still allowing room  for a next book if you do return.

    20. Re: Does cursing limit your potential audience on RR or does it not make a difference?

      I filter out everything with swearing.  I've ever dropped and reported stories for not having the right tags.  I also don't swear in real life - not even the "mild" substitutes (this isn't as hard as it (...)