1. Re: What is a Generalist-Specialist called? As in, a character is able to do every skill, but excels at one th(...)

      Where I work we sometimes refer to "T-shaped" people, meaning we know a lot of general stuff and go really deep in one.  I don't think there is any term that anyone would just recognize without explanation. (...)

    2. Re: Any writer here attempted or has created multiple stories in an interconnected universe

      Many  authors do, but I always feel like they write themselves into a corner.  They have already written about the big hero/events and how the best magic works, and so they can't write anything as good (...)

    3. Re: Male or female protagonists

      For most it doesn't matter, you could switch the genders of most characters randomly, and it wouldn't make any difference to anything.  Unless your book actually deals  with one of the ways males and females (...)

    4. Re: Map of your world

      I think more authors should have a map, but most need to start a step before a  map and figure out why.  Mountains exist because of plate tectonics, and imply other things about geography.  Maps influence (...)

    5. Re: Which version of my chapter 1 is better?

      I felt like I was forcing myself to read the first paragraph in the new version, the old was much better because it focused on something happening to someone in a way that made sense. I didn't read (...)

    6. Re: Show don't tell. Is it necessary for a fiction to attract more readers?

      Most authors do way too much tell which is distracting.  Tell is very useful in its place, but needs to be carefully limited.  If you need to use tell, perhaps the reader doesn't need to know that anyway. (...)

    7. Re: What are the essentials of a Dungeon Core story?

      The story is about the world/system and learning to understand it.  The story is about all the different ways adventures have to dealing with the dungeon.  the story is about the world outside the dungeon (...)

    8. Re: I now understand why folks want to make it big on RoyalRoad

      That is gross income - if they don't have a day job they need to buy insurance, save for retirement.  The rules are different in each country, but in all cases you need to treat things like a small business (...)

    9. Re: LitRPG

      Done well the numbers keep the author honest.  You don't get to have the kid beat a dragon - often called plot armor when such impossible things happen.  You are forced to keep thing realistic (well this (...)

    10. Re: Magician or Sorcerer?

      There is no universal answer.  Each world has different needs.  Some just pick a term and use it, it doesn't matter which, either way we understand.  Sometimes more than one term is used in a world to (...)

    11. Re: Do Stats Really Matter In LitRPG?

      They matter as much as the author makes them matter.  I like LitRPG where it forces authors to be realistic - no plot armor, the stats say who wins this fight and how one sided it is.  Not all books treat (...)

    12. Re: More Followers?

      While a few get a lot of followers right away, in general you need to consistently publish something new for a couple years before you get a lot of followers.  Most recently updated is one of the best (...)

    13. Re: Vampires

      Vampire stories are out of style following the hype around twilight.   Nothing wrong with the idea, just that the type of people who hang out here wouldn't like twilight (in general, there are exceptions) (...)

    14. Re: How to write a believable medieval fantasy story?

      how they don't use nails in wooden construction - that was the norm in medieval society, not the exception. Nails were made by hand  one at a time by a blacksmith.  You wouldn't use many nails in your (...)

    15. Re: How to write a believable medieval fantasy story?

      I mean to females: don't misunderstand our modern world's equality. For a few millennia, femals had a few very tightly defined responsibilities: bear children, keep the house in order and shut the fuck (...)

    16. Re: What language is best to write in?

      Write in the languages of your readers.  Write in a language that you know well.  The world doesn't need more stories with bad grammar and poor word choices. I'm trying to learn Spanish, so more Spanish (...)

    17. Re: Should I publish when finished or publish as I write?

      There are pros and cons. If you publish as you write reader and give feedback.  They will see plot holes and you can rewrite the last chapter.  Readers like to see their suggestions make it to a story, (...)

    18. Re: Does technology kill mysteries in urban fantasy?

      Maybe embrace that everyone knows about it then. I get tired of the trope that magic is unusual and most people can't do it.  Same for superheros where only a select few get it.  Try to think how the world (...)

    19. Re: Is polished english essential in web serial?

      Quality of English is but one factor.  A great story story can make up for poor grammar, but perfect grammar cannot make up for a poor story.   However there are limits, eventually reach the point where (...)

    20. Re: HouseBuilding tips.

      If  you want to go in depth about building, then find your local habitat for humanity and volunteer to build a few houses with them. It will demand your Saturdays for a few weeks, but you will learn a (...)