1. Re: Would anyone beta read a prologue for me?

      The switch in perspective between the two parts is jarring.  Is Mia the person in the first part, or is it someone else being told to care for his brother (Note that I said 'his' while Mia clearly a girl). (...)

    2. Re: Recreating my superheroes origin backstory

      The world needs someone to push against whatever the current bad thing is.  Today it is all cops are bad.   70 years ago it was the jews are the cause of all our problems.  Depending on the era you live (...)

    3. Re: I feel *gutted* by my rating :( How do you stop it from affecting you?

      There is no accounting for taste.  I mean some people read romance novels so I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that some people wouldn't have enough taste to understand how awesome your book is already. (...)

    4. Re: Is an 'annoying' protag a story killer for you?

      I want to care for the important characters when I read.  If they are too weak then I won't care for them, and I won't want to read the rest of your book.  There are ways to pull off a weak main character, (...)

    5. Re: How do you design a system? (stats)

      How much do you need to do?  For a single novel you can plot out where you want the various characters to be, and then grant them what is needed along the way. As an author you have the power to adjust (...)

    6. Re: Would it be strange to only have elves and humans as the only races in my world?

      I wanted elves since that’s how I imagine my world. Is that a weak reason to have elves? You haven't explained why elves are different from humans or have a different culture.  The Chinese have a (...)

    7. Re: Would it be strange to only have elves and humans as the only races in my world?

      Race or species?  Tolkien had half-elves, and since they could have children (unlike a Mule which is half horse, half donkey: unable to have children - though this might be interesting to explore for someone) (...)

    8. Re: Dealbreaker Tropes

      I dislike the trope of a fantasy mc being a farmboy. It’s overdone! How about blacksmith? Weaver? Herbalist? Minstrel? Book-binder? Come on… It is realistic, unlike a blacksmith or Weaver.   In mid-evil (...)

    9. Re: English being the second language

      Easiest, stick to writing your native language.  Most languages have a core of people who appreciate well written prose in their language, and it is probably easier to break into the "big time" in your (...)

    10. Re: Touch typing / ten finger system

      Where is your limit?  I learned ten finger typing in school, but it wasn't until I started playing around with online chat (IRC) that it became important, before that my brain wasn't fast enough at thinking (...)

    11. Re: Experimental New Voting System; A Glance toward Royalroad Homepage

      I wish it was easier to vote.  Near the next chapter button I want the vote button (if I haven't yet), that way I can decide if the book is worth my vote or not. I think the discovery should be based (...)

    12. Re: Litrpg Tips

      Keep an eye out for the trap of handing out key skills and equipment and such just before it's needed. That's very much plot armor Normally, but if the plot is about getting the equipment/skills, (...)

    13. Re: Summoned/Reincarnated/Teleported to a new world and they want to go home? Seriously?

      When do I get to return home matters - if I can figure it out.  I have a wife and kids who depend on my income.   If I have no reason to think otherwise I'll assume that time travels the same in both worlds, (...)

    14. Re: Your fedora-tipping atheism makes your fantasy gods boring

      Why would any of the "gods" in any story want anything to do with the world?  Nobody actually believes in them.  I don't get why the priests even got the job - they go through the motions but they don't (...)

    15. Re: Realism. How much do we really want?

      More than if you were writing non-fiction.  In non-fiction whatever happened actually happened. Someone drops a heavy rock and a light rock off a tower and the hit the ground at the same time against all (...)

    16. Re: What would be the best profession to have in case the person would get isekaied?

      < professionals.  There is way to much variation to say anything.  Some hobbyists are obsessive and know their interest in great detail, some dabble in the topic a few times (...)(...)

    17. Re: How long should it take to cross a medieval town?

      One factor I forgot to mention, the only way to get enough food in to feed 10000 people before modern transport was water based. roads don't work because a cart can't haul enough food to feed the animals (...)

    18. Re: How long should it take to cross a medieval town?

      A good rule is the average person commutes half an hour each way every day.  Walking, riding a horse, driving a car, or whatever your magical transport is in story: may go a different distance in that (...)

    19. Re: What's the first thing that interests you when discovering a fantasy world?

      I think the question is wrong. There isn't a first thing, except a sense that I should care how the story turns out in the end. I as a reader will give you the benefit of the doubt and read the first few (...)

    20. Re: How do you feel about having different human races in a fantasy setting

      The bigger question isn't should there be a black or white guy in the story, it is why are they both on the same page.   Characteristics tend to cluster, even if there is no advantage the trait (I'm not (...)