1. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      14        omg nearly there...

    2. Re: What's up?

      Eric is the RR ramblers unite spokesperson. I see this a lot in intros now. We all apologize for rambling.  Welcome to the club. I liked your backstory. How is the other side of novels working out for (...)

    3. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      24 We're in an epic battle for victory right now and you tell me how to load my gun.  :DrakanLaugh: Thank you very much for the advice.

    4. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      20   okay so five characters. Next time I'll just type out the number

    5. Re: I can't decided, so I'll let you lot do so

      Pepperoni cheese and mushrooms on anything! ANYTHING. It works. 

    6. Re: Evil Genie

      Granted but there are two minute adverts every 20 seconds, I wish I had an italian greyhound puppy.

    7. Re: Associations

      My Character

    8. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      24 Who eventually wins this game? or is it never ending?

    9. Re: Greetings & salutations, Royals!

      Wow, You pretty much have my dream job. I love historical dramas too but more interested in 18th century and Ancient Roman stories. Hopefully one day you'll be showing off a pirate story. I look forward (...)

    10. Re: I can't decided, so I'll let you lot do so

      and mushrooms! Don't forget those delicious little funghi!

    11. Re: Epic Song Generator

      Gods(greek god),  War, humans okay so I'm a little obsessed with mythology. Please make one of your epic theme songs!!!!!

    12. Re: Hi, I'm Angel and I'm a writing addict!

      Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I look forward to digging through all the wonderful posts! I'm glad I found kinship among you. I will find some amazing things to read too. I appreciate it, guys. (...)

    13. Hi, I'm Angel and I'm a writing addict!

      So I'm the quiet girl in the corner day dreaming about my next adventure with my book babies in a dark and fictional world of my own creation. I started when I was five and I have steadily become more (...)

    14. Re: Using rep to get you readers

      I sincerely didn't even know you could give Rep points. I'm a brand new baby. Oh what fun I'll have giving these little babies out. Thanks for this thread! I will have to put my shyness in my back pocket (...)