1. Re: So I've been thinking

      I don't remember if he talks specifically about mystery or if it's just heist stuff, but there might be a good bit of info to be gleaned off of some of Brandon Sanderson's lectures at BYU. Luckily they're (...)

    2. Re: What is your Favorite Fighting/MA Technique?

      I'm not sure, I took a look at capoeira, and while some of it looked cool, most of it felt choreographed to me. I'm not saying it actually was, but it barely felt like a fight. Capoeira would probably (...)

    3. Re: What is your Favorite Fighting/MA Technique?

      I'm surprised nobody's mentioned it, but like: the entirety of capoeira. The history of capoeira alone is fascinating enough, but seeing it in action is something else. On a similar ground: Drunk Boxing. (...)

    4. Re: What do you do when your story isn't what Royal Road usually likes?

      I have good ratings and reviews, but not a lot of followers *glances at metrics* ???  I mean, you've been at it for a while, I'll give you that, but your follower count is pretty good, I dunno (...)

    5. Re: Cry Not for the Old World and What We Have Lost, but Weep for the Beauty the New World Brings

      this is one of the first books I found on RR and I've been enjoying it so far But Im confused about what you mean by interlude? When I finish Angel and get to Amyg Gods is it still the same story? BC (...)

    6. Re: Sound effects

      As some folks have said, professional writing books will tell you to stay away from straight onomatopoeia in your writing because yeah, it's pretty jarring. Apparently adding in onomatopoeia is considered (...)

    7. Re: Need to vent?

      I wanna vent about nothing on Royal Roads, but writing in general. Publishing is a goddamn nightmare these days. Seriously, it is an awful, soul sucking experience. How I long to just be able to write (...)

    8. Re: Need to vent?

      Reviving this thread since I figured it was better than making a new one, and I really just need somewhere to scream out into the void. I feel like I'm just sort of wasting my time as of late. I mean, (...)

    9. Re: Single Lead vs Multi-leads

      I second the notion that it's up to the story. Sometimes, a single POV, sometimes a few, sometimes a lot. Hell, sometimes you can throw a POV in there for one chapter only. Of course, you're right (...)

    10. Re: Need Help With Describing a Type of Story

      This just sounds like inverse wish fulfillment. :DrakanThinking:

    11. Re: I got my first rating!

      Congratulations! I'm sure with time there will be many more to come. Keep at it!  :DrakanWine:

    12. Cry Not for the Old World and What We Have Lost, but Weep for the Beauty the New World Brings

      https://i.imgur.com/ebNOFox.png ☼ Angel of the Red Sun is the first book in The Tragedy of House Lacerta ☼ ◘ A Mature Science-Fiction story set on Mars in the year 2056 ◘ Marisa Lacerta had trained (...)

    13. Re: Volumes

      That's odd, it works fine for me.  There should be a little drop-down box underneath the author post-script box that's automatically set to the most recent volume of the fiction you're uploading.

    14. Re: Free Author Premium Giveaway! 5+ Winners!!!

      I might as well throw my hat in the ring.  Count me in ~

    15. Re: November Thread - Promote your Story

      A character study on the royal family of Mars during the Lacerta Dynasty from the 21st-23rd centuries Anno Domini: {The Tragedy of House Lacerta has entered its first interlude in lieu of a hiatus (...)

    16. Re: What are the effects of reviews on popularity?

      Oh, hmm.... Yeah, I don't really have any sense of how that list works.  The only one on there I read is BTDEM.  That said, I suspect that what they all share in common are regular and frequent updates. (...)

    17. Re: My story just passed 1000 views and got its fifth review!

      Wow, it sounds like you're on a speedy trajectory. Don't let that momentum run out!

    18. Re: Sunday Snippet Sharing 31/10 | FRIGHTENING FOURTEEN🎃👻

      This week I have the opening lines of a new short story of mine that's a part of an interlude spanning between Book 1 and Book 2. It's called: Anomaly 444:14-Σ What recesses do we cling to—there (...)

    19. Re: The new volumes idea and how much are you going to like it.

      This new volume feature came right at the exact perfect time and I couldn't be happier. I'm so excited to get some mileage out of this. :peoloveu:

    20. Re: Story referrals seem pretty awesome so far

      Honestly, RR does way more to help the midrange authors than any other webficiton site out there. The trick is to hit it big enough to be considered mid-range. :DrakanSigh: