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Bio: Huh, a little something about me...
I'm approaching my 30s, currently working as an IT system administrator, and have a recognized degree as a game designer. I have only worked in the games industry for a short time and have also tried a few things on my own. The games industry is an asshole. Very clearly. :D

I have always read in my life. It all started with the little mickey mouse paperbacks and then quickly went from youth fantasy novels to adult fantasy novels. During all the time since my childhood I liked to play games for my life and it doesn't matter if it's shooter, strategy, rpgs, simulation, or whatever. I love fantasy, games, books, and I love to dream! ;)

Through that I came across RoyalRoad, I have rummaged through some stories and devoured them just as the thousands of fantasy books before!
After not even a month I decided to write myself and just tried it.
Not easy when you haven't had anyone to speak or write in English for over 10 years. But here I am, and my story "Healing Dungeon" is actually developing quite well... I think ;)
The beginning was hard, and even now I make logic mistakes here and there. But without the diligent readers, which supported me in my journey and diligently point out things, I would not be able to achieve nearly so much.

Thanks to everyone!

And now cheers and respect that you have persevered until here, haha.
Read everything? Crass ^_^

A dreamlike day I wish and always stay positive and laugh!
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