Darrin Drader

Darrin Drader

    1. Re: How many books do you write simultaneously?

      I have a hard enough time getting my head far enough into a story to do a good job writing it, so I only do one at a time, lest I lose touch with the story.

    2. Re: How do you come up with a universe that hasn't been done before? And how do you create a whole story?

      If you want to be masochistic like me, you can create multiple seasons that are relatively self-contained and have their own villain, and then you go through the process for each of them. Which is exactly (...)

    3. Re: How do you come up with a universe that hasn't been done before? And how do you create a whole story?

      Don't worry about your world being original. Most scifi/fantasy universes have elements in common with Tolkien, Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Star Trek. That's fine and pretty much unavoidable. Focus more (...)

    4. Re: Do you "advertise" your stories?

      I'm trying to build up a new cross-pollination group for fantasy and scifi authors and readers on Facebook. It's an open group. Anyone is welcome to join so long as you follow the rules. Feel free to check (...)

    5. Re: A Publisher Picked Me Up!

      Authocracy Publishing. They look small but decent. As long as they don't expect you to pay them money to publish, it should be a good experience. Remember that authors only sign checks on the back. (...)

    6. Re: How would your character react after meeting you, the author?

      Rathorn wouldn't think much of me, as he rarely thinks too much about anyone he isn't fighting alongside or trying to kill. Whisperfoot would just try and pick my pocket. He probably wouldn't be thrilled (...)

    7. Re: Boring Readers

      My main consideration when writing a story is to tell a good story, not to satisfy some particular group of readers or fans. If they're agreeing to read my fiction, they're agreeing to come along on my (...)

    8. Re: what do you think about monster main characters?

      It's fine if you can do it well, but I tend to make the main characters human or close to human like elves and dwarves. I've read good fiction that was from the point of view of vampires or werewolves, (...)

    9. Re: 0.5 Ratings are a Blessing

      There's an indie fantasy author I really don't care for because his marketing is good. His pacing, descriptions, and characterization are not. I'd still give him two stars. I wouldn't give a .5 to anyone (...)

    10. Re: Tell Us About Your Story

      I have two fictions on the site, so I'll start with the one that's been up the longest. Star Trek: Horizon (Fanfic) The whole idea for Horizon started with the fact that I've never been particularly (...)

    11. Re: Noticed a Massive Drop

      I hope you get one soon. I would hate the feeling that all that work was put into a new part and getting no love from the site. It's had about seven views not, so it's doing about average. I (...)

    12. Re: Noticed a Massive Drop

      Both of my fictions have at least one LGBTQ+ character, though I don't tag them as such because it's not a central to either story. I have to wonder if there's something else going on with the site (...)

    13. Re: Sooo, youtube and everything else ...

      All of your books seem to be less than 100 pages. That's not even novella length and you're charging full novel price for them. Novellas start at 17,500 words, which (depending on formatting) is between (...)

    14. Re: First Review 4.5/5 Stars

      Ararara just reviewed the first four chapters of my fiction, Neurogensis. I'll take a 4.5 all day long! Aside from my editor, this is the first rating of the book, and I'm very pleased the result. A (...)

    15. Re: Has Anyone Else Here Almost been published Traditionally?

      Royal Road is not my first rodeo. I've had so many near-misses with traditional publishing that I finally stopped trying and went the self-published route. In 2000, I landed a temporary job at Wizards (...)

    16. Re: What do you prefer more in the fantasy? A fast-moving plot with a lot of action or a slow story with worl (...)

      I come from the R.A. Salvatore school of thought: fast moving with lots of detailed action.

    17. Re: Writing again

      If you're a writer, you've written bad fiction. You may not have known it was bad when you wrote it, but it is what it is, and it's OK. You have to go through that phase to learn and improve. Even once (...)

    18. Re: How Do My Metrics Compare?

       I'm currently jobless, so I spend most of my time writing Ouch dude. I'll check out your stories and see if I can't leave some reviews.  I've been off work for almost a month for medical reasons. (...)

    19. Re: How Do My Metrics Compare?

      I guess its time for me to check out your stories.  Same here. I'm not sure which one to spring for though. edit: scratch that. For Irision looks like it's totally my jam.

    20. Re: How Do My Metrics Compare?

      Wow! I admire your bravery in putting your metrics up so much. Well, if you talk the talk you got to walk the walk... Yeah, I'm not too concerned with people knowing my metrics. If I need to bring them (...)