1. Re: Reason for writing

      Because I enjoy it. However, I didn't always. In school, I hated writing, but in college I started to enjoy it more yet still would have never thought I'd actually write a book. Later, I had an idea I (...)

    2. Re: Patreon. Timing? Thoughts?

      There really isn't a 'right' or 'wrong' time to start your Patreon. Many suggest waiting until you have a large following off of Patreon in the hopes that you can drive at least a small percentage of them (...)

    3. Re: Question about resolution of covers

      Hi! I am wondering how some folks have this high resolution covers in their signatures and the books on their fiction pages have large covers. My covers are of 1600 x 3840 p, still they become blurred. (...)

    4. Re: How Much Such I Store Up Before I Post?

      I'm aiming for, at minimum, 15-20 chapters and only planning on posting one chapter a week. Might not be the 'best' plan, but I think it's what will work best for me. I’ve run into a unique problem (...)

    5. Re: How many books do you write simultaneously?

      I have six different writing projects on-going at the moment, but only three that I'm actively working on. One, I'm not sharing anywhere until it is ready to publish on Amazon because I want to put it (...)

    6. Re: Fewer tags or more?

      I haven't started sharing any of my writing yet (still working on the backlog), but I'd imagine that tags here are like tags anywhere else: the more the merrier so long as they are relevant. 

    7. Re: Do you write different novels at the same time

      All the time! Right now, I have 6 different writing projects going at the same time (most of them series). Three have been set aside at the moment as they are progressing rather slowly, but the other three (...)

    8. Re: How do you all update so fast?

      I mean I understand that people tend to plan their stories long before they post but good god, there’s people that can write thousands of words in a day, while in the same span I can only write a few hundred. (...)

    9. Re: What's the biggest achievement in your writing history to date?

      Wow! hat's really impressive if I do say so myself. I've been trying to figure out how to get my works in a decades time, and still am clueless xD But at the same time I've done a lot of maturing so (...)

    10. Re: What's the biggest achievement in your writing history to date?

      I would say my biggest achievement so far in writing has been finishing and self-publishing my first book. If you'd told me back in school that I'd now be writing novels I would have laughed you out the (...)

    11. Re: Art and Writing: One or the Other or Both talents?

      I am very much drawn to both and, on the art side of things, work in multiple different mediums. I do both digital painting and photomanipulation (and about to start learning digital 3D art) and recently (...)

    12. Re: Is posting on RoyalRoad a good idea if you plan on self publishing your story into novels?

      Your best bet is to check the rules for whatever publishing/distribution service you want to use and plan accordingly. For example, Amazon requires exclusivity -- if you want to publish through them, (...)

    13. Re: How do you guys go about editing your work?

      I reread over what I've already written whenever I sit down to write some more so, by the time I've finished, everything has already gone through several edits and revision before it goes for its final (...)

    14. Re: Do you write chapters in order?

      Always! I'm an unapologetic pantser and, rarely, do any advanced plotting beyond my vague, initial story idea. As such, most of my plotting comes as I write so, hop, skipping, and jumping all over the (...)

    15. Re: How fast do you type?

      Hard to tell as wpm is not truly reflective of how quickly I can write a story since it doesn't take the research/plotting/thinking-about-how-I-want-to-word-it process into account. I can type quite quickly (...)

    16. Re: Do you "advertise" your stories?

      Yes! I haven't even started sharing my stories here yet (still working on getting a backlog of chapters), but I'm already mentioning on my Patreon and other pages that I will be sharing chapter drafts (...)

    17. Re: 0.5 Ratings are a Blessing

      It's by far not always trolls that rate .5. While I've not rated anything on here yet, I've given plenty of star ratings on Goodreads and can confirm this! I have absolutely no qualms about giving (...)

    18. Re: You Lot Saw the Announcement?

      I only saw the announcement saying Public Announcement: Do not post chapters just to gather votes without having read anything about a new voting system. But just that sentence was enough to get (...)

    19. Re: Are your books on Goodreads?

      I'm on there with my self-published book. I won't be adding my (eventual) RR stories on Goodreads though until they're complete and I'm getting ready to release the final version(s) on Amazon. I will, (...)

    20. Re: intentionally inconsistent upload stories?

      I don't see why not! I used to follow several fanfictions on another site that had absolutely no update schedule at all (sometimes only updating a few times a year if even that!), but, I really enjoyed (...)