1. Re: How detailed is your outline?

      No outline here either, complete and utter pantser. If I have any ideas, scene snippets, etc. I'll write them down in a journal for future use, but that's about as close as I get to outlining.  

    2. Re: Quote, Summary, or Both?

      For me it would have to be good cover art + interesting title + well-written, but non-spoilery (or than trigger/content warnings) summery. 

    3. Re: What do you do when your story isn't what Royal Road usually likes?

      None of what I write falls into the prime demographic of RR, but I plan to post them here anyway once I have a large enough chapter backlog. Just because readers interests here might largely be litRPG (...)

    4. Re: How are you?

      In recovery from covid pneumonia and grieving the loss of my sister who passed away in the early hours of the same day I was released from the hospital. Needless to say, I don't have much of a head or (...)

    5. Re: Writer's block: What do you do?

      It varies really and partly depends on the reason for the writer's block. Sometimes, I can just work through it, but, as a pantser, that doesn't always work. Sometimes the ideas are just well and truly (...)

    6. Re: Making money with Fanfiction?

      Hey everyone! So, I'm an avid fanfiction reader, and in the last few months, I noticed that more and more authors started to make money off fanfiction with the help of Patreon. You pay them money (...)

    7. Re: What's your favorite and most disliked Font.

      I don't really have a favorite font. There are lots of different fonts I like depending on what I'm needing the font for. As an artist, I especially love the more decorative fonts that work great for things (...)

    8. Re: Does anyone just casually leave forshadowing that you know won't come into effect until 200 chapters late (...)

      I love long-distance foreshadowing! Subtle hints that make a read go back and look at them and ask 'how on earth did I miss that?' then something is finally revealed much, much later in the book/series. (...)

    9. Re: You ever get this weird feeling?

      That's pretty normal. Not just with writing, but with lots of other stuff too. Tastes and interests change. Sometimes you just get oversaturated with something that it gets boring to you and you need something (...)

    10. Re: Wordcount

      There really isn't any firm rule on chapter length. On average though, most readers tend to find below 1k words too short and above 10k words too long. I tend to aim for no lower than 1.5k, but, preferably, (...)

    11. Re: Prologues: Skip or not to skip?

      I read them. Some prologues are just 'blah,' but, if done well, they can really add a lot of intrigue to a book.

    12. Re: First person, present tense

      It's definitely not my cup of tea. However, it can be used very successfully. For example, with more suspenseful books, it can add a sense of urgency that has the reader on the edge of their seat right (...)

    13. Re: Should I merge my series into a single "book"?

      If it's what you want to do, then do it. No other reason necessary. Personally, I prefer each book as a separate entry, but I understand why many here would want to group them all into one big entry. So, (...)

    14. Re: Words

      But it sounds like you all like to learn new words so I want to ask whether that's the case for you too? Do unknown words take your attention away from the book? Not at all, new words make me curious (...)

    15. Re: Words

      I'm with Astrille on this. I love learning new weird, obscure, and archaic words. I use a lot of words in everyday speech that I know most people probably don't use that much. Everyone has a different (...)

    16. Re: Any advice for finished stories?

      I feel like a hack when I see all these authors on RR churning out a chapter a day. Then don't look at them. What works for one person does not necessarily work for others. Yes, some writers on (...)

    17. Re: What are you struggling with in your writing right now?

      My biggest writing struggle right now is resurrecting the novel my old laptop ate. My head keeps trying to remember how I wrote it last time and slowing me down from just moving past that and writing how (...)

    18. Re: Any advice for finished stories?

      I agree with horizon108. If you have a finished book, why not look into self-publishing it? Also, if you're having trouble writing a sequel to it, perhaps shelve that idea for a little while and work (...)

    19. Re: Questions for the artists of the forum

      Yes, PayPal is a normal payment method, as is Square. As for cost? It depends on the style and level of complexity of the artwork. Also depends on who you ask. Hobbyists, will be your cheapest option, (...)

    20. Re: Any stories that utilize illustrations?

      I sometimes make illustrations that go along with my chapters. For one of my WIP novels that I'm sharing chapter drafts of on Patreon, I'd planned to include an illustration per chapter, however, it's (...)