The Storm King

The Storm King

Noble Assassin [Portal/Isekai LitRPG Timeloop]

The world building makes no sense.

 Too many things happening only for the MC.

And he is a moron. Ignoring the system in his 7th! life just because he doesn't like it. And why doesn't he like it? Who tf knows?

The story has a lot of potential - but sorely needs a rewrite.



Totally believable Magic University

This story seems to have a very bright future.

The world building is nicely interwoven into the narrative, not surprising seeing that it is a magic university story. I especially like how much of that first semester feeling that I myself once had it captures.
The magic system seems very lovingly designed and as someone who loves Systems I can't wait to learn more. There are different complex fields of magic reminding one of actually science and arts. And I am a big fan of the naming scheme.

The characters are varied and hint interesting lives, though since this story is a slow burn we are still getting to know them.
The main character is very intelligent but not a genius. We know what interests him, but there is still a lack of an overarching story plot - though depending on how the story develops it might be more of a journey type thing - more of an exploration.
Though I personally hope for a power progression fiction direction.

I am unsure of what criticism to give yet since it's still very short. Potential pitfalls could be getting to bogged down in minutia, not managing power progression well, not utilising the created characters enough. But these are merely possibilities. We'll see.

I highly recommend giving it a go.

Law Of Karma

The story has very good potential.
The characters are interesting, the pacing is good and the setting is standard but appears well done. There don't appear to be any story hooks yet, except watching a young cultivators life. But it's still early so I assume we will get more.

I find it strange, and it hasn't been yet explained, that someone reborn in a world of cultivation, who could think on an adult level from being a child, isn't a prodigy. Though there appears to be a story behind that so I'll wait with making it a real criticism.

One more negative that I see is that the author needs a bit more writing experience. The sentences flow sometimes a bit strangely and are often unnecessarily long. Some more description of the characters thoughts and some more of the visual setting would also be good. Too often it feels a bit as if actions and situations are narrated one after the other.

But all of those things go away with more experience - so I have high hopes for this work.

All in all, especially compared to some other stuff here that people love that I find to be garbage, I very much recommend giving this a read.

The Weirkey Chronicles

The author has a very original a deeply thought through take on a cultivation fantasy. Furthermore the world(s) building is well paced, always highly interesting and gives an exploration adventure feeling.

Characters act believably, wether logically or emotionally, and no one is left with the idiot ball. Furthermore our protagonists are excellently fleshed out and have natural interactions.

Only one negative is the character of Senka, for being annoying - but she is rarely there and there is enough mistery surrounding her to ignore the annoyance.

I highestly recommend it.

Sylver Seeker

The level of creativity it takes to make such a realist tic and lively world is astounding.

Whilst there are, as is common, unlikely coincidences, they are perfectly well integrated and do not detract from the story.

The characters, even inconsequential ones, are well fleshed out with a love for detail.

 The RPG part seems well balanced, not very intrusive to the story flow and the consequences of it existence are well integrated into the world.