1. Re: Do You Take Writing Inspiration from Video Games?

      Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere. Video games have so much to offer, even if it's just a particular aesthetic. I like to play games that somewhat had a similar setting to a story I'm trying (...)

    2. What all do you do alongside your WIPs?

      So I make tons of concept art for my characters, dnd style character sheets (and d20s for them), hero forge minis, animatics, and knitting up story blankets. (Knitting a blanket at the same time I start (...)

    3. Re: What book or story inspires your writing the most?

      Something about The Tale of Desperaux by Kate Dicamillo just really inspires me. I'm still reminded of that first Quote every time I think of a new story; "Stories are light. Light is precious in a world (...)

    4. Re: Male vs female protagonist

      My characters tell me their gender as I write the story. Once they've gone through the story once they tell me their gender. I don't put too much worry on what gender, I just worry about making the best (...)

    5. Re: Does anyone just casually leave forshadowing that you know won't come into effect until 200 chapters late (...)

      As soon as I can start dropping hints I do. I like keeping my plots moving so the more I crumbs I leave the faster I get to the next point. 

    6. Re: Writing junk (Not really junk but items)

      Organizing too much feels like unnecessary work to me. Organizing is relaxing and kinda therapeutic for me. I clean when I'm upset and it calms my soul. But I'll check out that youtuber, thanks (...)

    7. Re: Writing junk (Not really junk but items)

      An ergonomic keyboard for each of my computers at home and another for my laptop when I travel. :-3 Unless you mean 'what do you collect' rather than 'what do you collect that is writing related' (...)

    8. Writing junk (Not really junk but items)

      I have this need. A need for like.. How do I describe it? You know when you watch a cooking show and they have that set filled with every tool a kitchen could ever need for any and every dish? I (...)

    9. Re: Have any authors taken to writing on their phone?

      I love my keyboard but when I'm on the go, docs is convenient. Bluetooth keyboards are awesome and cheap.

    10. Re: All the art I've made of my character

      Tis cool, my art style seems to just look that way.

    11. Re: All the art I've made of my character

      Well done drawing. Love the perplexed look on her face as she stares at the apple. Seren is actually non-binary and is a they/them. 

    12. Re: The worst book you've ever read?

      eye starts twitching  So. I picked up Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik and I have so much to say!  MULTIPLE POV SWITCHES! Like, I know they're supposed to be connected. I know. But it's exhausting (...)

    13. Re: All the art I've made of my character

      NEW ART! Seren from Snow White and the Golden Apples as well (...)

    14. I want to gush about my stories, feel free to do the same!

      First project is my original one; The Light Above The Sea THIS PROJECT HAS THREE DIFFERENT FINISHED DRAFTS! THREE. And a trailer! Soon to be TWO  but I'm dedicated to making it the best that I can (...)

    15. Re: Promote your book, but write the promotion as if it were a movie trailer.

      *cough cough* An animatic book trailer I made for my original novel Thinking about posting this book here. I spent a year on it and it turns out it needs some heavy rewrites. The animatic itself (...)

    16. Re: Thoughts on reading works for youtube?

      To clear up the obvious question; my own works. Not other peoples.  But it's an interesting thought right? Turning works into audiobooks and uploading them to youtube or something? Has anyone else done (...)

    17. Re: New Fiction is coming soon and I'm so excited!

      I'm just gonna post a new fiction next week and I'm just so excited! I want to scream about it and gush about how excited I am and how much fun I'm having writing it and... It's just all really exciting!

    18. Re: What does your writing process look like?

      Ooh.. Let's seee.... 1. Something inspires me. An idea is born and given a section in my plot bunnies folder. 2. The idea gets moved from bunnies to outlining and given it's own document. While (...)

    19. Re: Putting books in your signature?

      Yeah I see that, kinda silly you can't have that always turned on.