1. Re: Frist Person Woes

      Thanks for all the input. It makes perfect sense. I can see my problem is that I like different aspects of each POV but can only chose one.

    2. Frist Person Woes

      I hate writing in 1st Person POV and I love writing in 1st person.  I hate it so much I converted an entire novel from 1st to 3rd person. I love it so much I wrote another 100K novel in 1st person and (...)

    3. Big Thank You to RR

      I started on RR about a year ago. Thanks to all the wonderful folks here and their feedback which encouraged me to start writing again I have now published my new fantasy novel, The Siren's Sister. It (...)

    4. Re: Writing two novels at the same time to keep yourself inspired?

      Yes, it's my normal pattern. I only have one ongoing novel up right now, but I am always working on at least one other novel in the background. It's like wine and cheese. It refreshes the palate to alternate (...)

    5. Re: Would this need a Sexual Content tag on my story.

      I had the same questions and didn't realize how much sexual content slips into my stories until I started looking at the content as though a child might read it (and they might). In general, I tag it for (...)

    6. Re: Should you even finish a fantasy your not confident with?

      I have great respect for anyone bold enough to write in a second language. Mainly I write scifi but also tried a fantasy novel last year on a whim. I started out slow with very short chapters (and got (...)

    7. Re: Hints for keeping track of characters and created stuff.

      I have heard Scrivener is great, the learning curve isn't. I am still trying to work through it. I have used yWriter with good success and it is free

    8. Re: "Thanks" comments

      I have had a few TFTC comments. They don't feel very genuine. I think an anonymous "like" button would be more meaningful. If you are motivated enough to comment wouldn't you have something to say? I suspect (...)

    9. Re: What do you do when you're writing a particularly difficult scene/chapter?

      I hate it when this happens, but it can bring creativity to a halt. I do many of the same things listed above. Take a break, write on a different story, or do some unrelated creative craft. When I come (...)

    10. Re: The Real World!

      My scifi series began in another dimension, came to our dimension and two novels later has reached planet Earth about 20 yrs in the future. I have about three more scifi novels and two unrelated novels (...)

    11. Re: Anyone here also like to write by hand?

      OMG, No! I would never get through my novels if I wrote them by hand, not to mention my handwriting can be hard even for me to read.  I do make a lot hand notes, brainstorm ideas, outlines and character (...)

    12. Re: English as a second language

      Okay, I'm impressed. I can't imagine writing in another language and am still struggling to learn Spanish. I wish I had learned a second language as a kid when it would have been easier. I would expect (...)

    13. Re: 'Harsh' readers on Royal Roads

      Most comments and reviews I've seen are genuine criticisms or praise with a few snarky exceptions. Those say more about the poster than the author's work imo. Thick skin and carry on.

    14. Re: Has anyone else noticed the RoyalRoad icon has changed? Is this an April Fools prank?

      Yes, and it's totally bugging the heck out of me.  Arrgh!

    15. Re: Advice on writing an adorifying main character?

      Innocence can be scary, thinking "Firestarter" movie and such Then there's "too cute to kill", even though you might want to. Maybe she charms snakes for a hobby... I'm thinking she could cause all kinds (...)

    16. Re: Inspirations & Influences

      I write to entertain myself and perhaps a few readers. Scifi is my favorite but I enjoy experimenting with other genres. The urge to write is strong in this one.

    17. Re: What book would your villain read ?

      The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli

    18. Reader's Appendix

      Does anyone make a reader's appendix for quick reference of persons, things, and places?  Some of my novels have been years in the making and I often make an author's appendix to help me recall characters, (...)

    19. Re: Should books that are parts of a series or trilogy be able to stand on their own?

      I believe each novel of a series should contain a definite story that pretty much stands alone, but also contributes to the overall story arc of the series. I hate cliff hangers as much as anyone and want (...)