1. Re: What are craziest places to fetch your ideas?

      There's some well-known psychological research that people often get their most creative ideas when their minds are refreshed and their emotional state is relaxed. These two factors together create a potent (...)

    2. Re: Looking for kingdom building focused story with competent to OP MC strength wise.

      You may like this story then -- It doesn't start off with Kingdom building, as early story is largely about the main characters before major (...)

    3. Re: Good ideas and the consequences

      Two words - Plan Ahead I've seen a lot of commercially-successful writers out there use this formula of a tiered outline. First storyboard for a major arc. So for the next few volumes you want to (...)

    4. Re: Epic Fantasy - LOTR style

      I am looking for epic fantasy stories with wide scope and which are similar (in terms of style or scope of worldbuilding, not of story) to LOTR. They do not necessarily have to be in Western setting; (...)

    5. Re: What reincarnation stories would you want to see?

      What I'd like to see is a reincarnation type where the new body becomes the benchmark. Most stories make the MC look at his new environment through the cultural lens of their previous life. Instead, (...)

    6. Re: What reincarnation stories would you want to see?

      Unfortunately, most of the stories are of humans from the earth that reincarnates in other worlds, don't get me wrong, sometimes these are some interesting and engaging stories, but I believe that there (...)

    7. Re: Isekaied MCs

      Aside from the very obvious its because the author makes it so, why is it that isekaied MCs find it easy to kill repeatedly without suffering any psychological breakdown. I would think a randomly transported (...)

    8. Re: LGBTQIA Stories

      Hope people here don't mind a bit of self-promo... Daybreak on Hyperion is many genres. But at its core lays a protagonist/viewpoint character (...)

    9. Re: I think my review made someone quit the site

      I come from a competitive background. Athletics, military, manual labor. My opinion is a little different. Number one: Don't let their emotional weakness and vulnerability be used as blackmail against (...)

    10. Re: Hello everyone

      Once you get a fiction going, there are several thread offering help with a free cover for any fictions that have been complaining that they don't like their current cover, or you feel like you'd like (...)

    11. Re: Hello everyone

      Hello everyone, My name is Aorii. I've been a longtime veteran of the novel-writing community. First started as a translation-editor back on Baka-Tsuki to work on my language skills (worked on the original (...)