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♠♣♦♥ A really enjoying story. A new take on the 'dungeon reincarnation' genre, and a unique one at that! It's the first time I read something like that! Thanks for the read so far! ♥♦♣♠


An endless short-story.

♠♣♦♥ A story about lofe, love and ever-changing fate. Just beautiful even with the spelling mistakes. Just read it, because it's more than worth your time. The diferents stories the main character walk througt are beautifuly clasic and that's what give them the feel of autenticity. ♥♦♣♠

Dragon Spirit

Dragons, dwarfs and Gods! A fantastical fantastic story.

♠♣♦♥ A dragons' story in a fantasty universe! With golden parrow and bullied godess! A well-writen story with some gramatical errors here and there but all in all a wonderfull journey with a freaking dragon!! ♥♦♣♠

Gaia Awakens

A really well-writen story

♠♣♦♥ And why I don't put 5 full stars? [spoiler]Well, because author-sama killed all potential futur spouse(s)!! [/spoiler]I understand why he did it, but still, my romantic heart won't allow it!!


Thanks for the story anyways :^) ♥♦♣♠

The Biomes

An interesting and promising story.

It looks like a classic dungeon story, but as Biomes are crucial existences for the survival of the differents races, its deeper in its meaning than the common dungeon story or whatnot that you can see elsewhere. The different characters or lacking in depth as of yet, but its natural whith fwe chapters. Read if you have time!