1. Re: Techniques for getting more comments?

      I've seen quite a few comments at the end of chapters on other author's works, but mine are comparatively empty! I have quite a few views at this point, but largely silence in the comments section. Is (...)

    2. Re: First Review

      Congratulations! I just had a similar experience. I know what you're feeling!

    3. Re: Greetings, Royal Road. Fantasy author here.

      The cover looks great. And you got that from shutter shock?  Yes, here's the artist, Camikuo, they've done a number of science and fantasy fiction illustrations and environments. Shuttershock is expensive (...)

    4. Re: Made the main Trending list and broke the top thousand!!!

      Congratulations and well deserved! How do you plan to celebrate? You should treat yourself to a coffee out, a small meal or a glass of bubbly. 

    5. Re: My First Review!

      A kind soul has reviewed my work and I am over the moon. It is very fair, full of honest feedback and motivating. The review is the first piece of feedback I've had outside of family and friends. It is (...)

    6. Re: What is the strangest thing you have had to research for your writing?

      Authors are a weird bunch, that's widely accepted, but just now as I was googling the anatomy of a Victorian syringe, I found myself wondering if this is the strangest thing I've had to search so far. (...)

    7. Re: Greetings, Royal Road. Fantasy author here.

      Welcome to Royal Road. Definitely second all the wonderful advice shared above. Being active in the Forums and commenting on stories you read are the best ways to interact with the community. Also the (...)

    8. Re: New here.

      Welcome, All No's lead to a Yes, in the book world. Traditionally publishing has become some-what difficult these years. Keep going as long as your passion and effort is there you'll succeed. Good (...)

    9. Re: What do you prefer more in the fantasy? A fast-moving plot with a lot of action or a slow story with worl (...)

      Ideally somewhere in the middle.  Given the choice between the two I'd go for slow and world building. Robin Hobb's - Farseer Trilogy is a really good example of that. It's written in first person (...)

    10. Re: Sites like Royal Road

      So I am relatively new to web novels / serials. I'll see if I can find the reddit post which has a similar list as posted by Thedude3445. As I am writing fantasy, Royalroad was my first choice. I use (...)

    11. Re: Sites like Royal Road

      Here I have a Mega List Directory of almost every single web fiction site I know of. Thanks for the share! I was looking / looking into making something like this.

    12. Re: Are your books on Goodreads?

      It has removed web fiction from its database in the past, as it does not consider them 'real' books, including such things as Mother of Learning. I would be wary of making too much of a splash there, (...)

    13. Re: Creator Economy for Fiction Authors (Article)

      Weird website. So old-fashioned. It's a forum of some sort? How come all of these professional writers comment and reply so much there Do you mean the hacker news comments? It's meant to be just (...)

    14. Re: Creator Economy for Fiction Authors (Article)

      Her numbers are just flat-out wrong (in a good way, for those of us posting here). There are thousands of paid fiction authors on Patreon but only 25 earn more than $1,000/month, only six earn more (...)

    15. Re: Creator Economy for Fiction Authors (Article)

      Article: Comments: I read this article a month or two ago and thought I'd share (...)

    16. Re: Greetings, Royal Road. Fantasy author here.

      Welcome. I saw that advert the other day and agree it's a great cover. Also you'll find plenty to keep you motivated on RR. There's so many writing discussions in the forums. Also check out the recommendations (...)

    17. Re: Greetings, Royal Road. Fantasy author here.

      Hey @Alexa I actually used Shuttershock and bought the image off of there. It's been one of my favourites for a few years. Shuttershock offers some basic web image editing software which is what (...)

    18. Re: Greetings, Royal Road. Fantasy author here.

      Welcome to RR! I'm a fantasy writer too, it's a great genre! I really like your cover, did you make that yourself?  Hey @Alexa I actually used Shuttershock and bought the image off of there. (...)

    19. Re: Greetings, Royal Road. Fantasy author here.

      Hello there everyone! It's a pleasure to be part of this community. I am a fantasy author with inspirations from Robin Hobb, Brandon Sanderson and James Islington (and by extension Robert Jordan). My (...)