Tower of Bobbert

Tower of Bobbert

    1. Re: How fast do you type?

      Slow af. Imagine knowing how to type words lol. 

    2. Re: I hate the 'everyone just gets along in the end' cliche

      Hmm. I guess this is the stuff you often see in underdog stories. That’s why I tend to steer away from stories with those theme. To me, the worst thing you can probably do to your story is to have a (...)

    3. Re: A cruel joke friend told me about authors

      Huh. If your friend ever want a career in stand-up comedy, i have some bad news for them.

    4. Re: Share your strong book opinions.

      Worm is overrated, and parahumans probably don't read much of anything else if they think it's the best work of fiction. Ever. Preach. On an unrelated note, I cannot stand 1st POV. I can tolerate (...)

    5. Re: Streaming writers, or writing streamers?

      Interesting. I’ve never seen anyone do writing streams before. Probably wouldn’t do it myself because people will get to watch me trying to spell ‘celebration’ at least 5 times before giving up and googling (...)

    6. Re: Question: Managing a Discord for Professional Web Novelists

      It’s more like a social thing, for me personally. Works like a ‘haunt’, so to say. You go there everyday and kinda just talk. You can make like a million channels in a server so everyone can always talk (...)

    7. Re: I am considering hosting a LitRPG tournament of sorts.

      You know about play-by-post RPs? About the same thing as this, same world, same rules, people 'control' one or a couple of characters and they write about what their characters would do in the world, and (...)

    8. Re: Personality of MC

      From what you are telling us, it does feel like you are going for a psychopathic sort of character?  Well, you can always approach it from the lack of empathy angle. Like Dexter and stuff, all that (...)

    9. Re: Realism. How much do we really want?

      Enough. The genre is called fiction, after all. 

    10. Re: What does your conceptualisation process look like?

      I talk to myself. I write. And more often than not, I surprise myself.

    11. Re: Favourite books on writing?

      Lorrie Moore's short story 'How to become a writer' These are the words I take to heart. 

    12. Re: How many chapters would prevent you from reading an unfinished story?

      I don't have a hard chapter count, but I will stop when I feel like that story had stopped gripping me. Happened plenty of times when I read long works, and I get to about a midway point. After a couple (...)

    13. Re: How do you think?

      If you do think in words, what font is it in?  rainbow comic sans, clearly

    14. Re: Optimum sexual content for fictions

      Oh yeah, keeping your audience in mind is also a huge thing. Them folks over at Ao3 wouldn't bat an eye, but I imagine explicit sex stuffs here in RR will get all sort of frowny faces, as we have seen (...)

    15. Re: Optimum sexual content for fictions

      Bold of you to assume I’d ever argue with you, my guy. Just couldn’t help but notice the high horse from all the way over here. But I think I’ll stop here. That’s enough excitement for tonight. 

    16. Re: Optimum sexual content for fictions

      Lots of things are like drugs. Drugs are like drugs. Ever heard of them skinner boxes? But I guess I don’t really see things in black and white. Regardless this is veering off topic hard. I better not. (...)

    17. Re: Optimum sexual content for fictions

      I must ask, why does everyone ignore how pornographic material hurts them?  It grows a base desire (which can lead to terrible actions), it affects a person's brain like a drug, and in many cases, it (...)

    18. Re: How much time do you take to write a chapter

      Couple of days, really. I get distracted. Also is unorganised.  Who needs plot when you can just surprise yourself