Salvos (A Monster Evolution LitRPG)

Overall pretty boring, just your average power fantasy with demon female mc. It’s at best good-meh, Its a 'got nothing else to read' type book.

The MC can be stupid at moment... most of the time. Pretty paper-thin characters at moments. Grammar is fine. The story just doesn’t grab me like other ones, or makes me laugh at its bullsh*t.

Not much to say after that only have one last thing to say is that

Spoiler :

 Jokes are funny, and this book should have some, that would bump it to 6.5/10.




Grave Digger Gary

Pretty neat, I hope it doesn't become trash or anything like *points to corner of shame* never go there. They are shameful pieces of work. Also hey I love apocalypse litrpg and this one fits the mark.


Keep on going writer-chan I want more, so I would like more, don't overwork yourself.


love Brick-San

Against the Odds: A LITRPG Apocalypse

So far it's really good, yeah how fast he adapts is weird, but but hey he is a so called self proclaim "master thief"


Its good so give it a chance, that's really all I got to say. I'm a big fan of litrpg post-apocalypse, and this fits the tea.


also hey he drew penis's and I respect that, even tho the warden is pretty sus, you know what I mean

The Benefits of Hearing Voices

This story is so deep that it brought me to tears. Its characters provoked so many emotions. I felt like life was blooming once again. I think I even got hard, but that doesn't matter.


The plot is so original that my dead dog from the grave again so that I could pet it. My dead family came back as ghost to read the series. And I became to enriched in knowledge that I got a degree in biochemistry to make cat girls for Elon musk.


This is a truly a a master pieced to be shown to the world. This is even better then all the anime I've seen. All the famous writers and crying in heaven from this work of art.


Go read this and be enlightened, and 100% your 2inchs will grow to 5inchs. Your family will love you once again. You will get a wife that'll love you forever, and you'll become super rich, and get a side girl at it. You become a master of pen and paper. And all other series will look like trash to you, but don't worry just reread this whole thing again


-San approve.

-Anime god approved.

-All stoners approved.

-Duskuro approved.

-My kings rod approved.

-The whole earth approved.

-The whole galaxy approved.

-The whole universe approved.

-All the universes approved.

-This timeline approved.

-All timelines approved.


Primal Adaptation

The best one I've read so far, the chapter isn't too bland or too unique.

The story doesn't advance too fast or too slow, it is just right.


Basil is a really fun character and hey I named my main character Basil so that's cool.

The only part that is bad is the small grammar mistakes, but I'm not a grammar knight who gets mad over a slight mistake.


I even make multiple mistakes.


In short read this fucking series is so fucking good.


-San approved

Land of Erden

Good good, story is quite fare it has places to grow like every other series. Cant wait to see more of the story.


Also hey I'm your second review isn't that cool, well I wanted to be first but someone got there already so now I am the 2nd review on this fiction