Kill the Harem

Kill the Harem
by Reverend Stable Lad
139 pages

I was never a person who struggled with anything. Whatever I wanted to achieve, I achieved, except for finding a good reason for living. That was until I died. Perhaps it was karma, or perhaps it was some particularly sick god. I woke up in a world full of magic and encountered all these women who became romantically obsessed with me. It bears an uncanny resemblance to those garbage isekai series that I had the misfortune of reading in high school.

The problem is, I loathe isekai. It got to the point where ever time I read about a busty elf-girl wanting to follow the protagonist, I wanted to throw something. It's illogical and it ruins the flow of the story. But now, I'm the one getting harassed by such illogical people? What complete and utter drivel. If any obsessive crazy person tries to make me theirs without even caring about my opinion, I'll f*cking kill them! I'll kill them all!

I'm getting back home no matter what. My favorite manga hasn't finished yet and I want to read it to the end.

Q&A Section

Q: Is the protagonist mentally healthy?

A: No, not even close.

Q: Are all the female characters stupid?

A: Barring extenuating circumstances, nobody rational would fall for a guy like the protagonist, so there's a bit of selection bias going on here.

Q: Is this about a Gary Stu killing a bunch of irrational harem characters in a cliche isekai world?

A: Go reread the title and the synopsis.

Q: Do the women die because they won't sleep with the protagonist?

A: No. I'm not sure where anyone got that from since it's entirely the opposite of what happens.

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Edge Cases

Edge Cases
by SilverLinings
380 pages

Rare classes and powerful skills are helpful. Too bad the system doesn't seem built to handle them. What even are all these errors? 

Our team of outcasts and adventurers will have to rely on their trust - and the bane of all stories, healthy communication - just to survive, let alone understand what the system is doing. Because they're quickly realizing that it's doing something; to people, to monsters, and maybe even to the gods themselves.

And their goal isn't just to survive; it's to make things better. It's a good thing they're not doing it alone.


Edge Cases is an attempt to take the LitRPG genre and the overpowered MCs trope and write a story where numbers aren't everything. Sometimes it takes trust, support, and just a touch of being very, very clever.

Expect a mix of action, slice-of-life, friendship, and ominous worldbuilding.

Updates M-W-F at 6pm EST

A friend of mine helped me make the cover, and I appreciate them a lot.

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BuyMort: Rise of the Windowpuncher - How I Became the Accidental Warlord of Arizona. Apocalyptic GameLit

BuyMort: Rise of the (...)
by Damien Hanson
772 pages

Tyson was just a handyman. A non-motivated slacker. The kinda dude that you inevitably find hanging out doing odd jobs at the local trailer park, a couple ragged bucks in their pocket and a jar of change on top of their ancient microwave. That was, of course, until the arrival of BuyMort.

Nanobots of a mercantile sort, the robots of the Shopocalypse, these bad boys set up shop in everything with even an ounce of sapience and installed the only app anyone would ever need to have — BuyMort, the multidimensional monopoly with something for everyone. Priced appropriately in accordance with the market's desires.

For some it was a nightmare. For others it was a travesty. For Tyson, it was the birth of an empire.

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Double-Blind: A Modern LITRPG

Double-Blind: A Modern (...)
by Eligos
502 pages

Choosing a college when your family is struggling can be difficult, but it isn’t supposed to be world ending. And the falling meteor is seriously limiting Matt’s options. 

Now in the aftermath, his home city is locked down by a mysterious dome, corporations are looking to monopolize a wealth of new untapped resources, and people are suddenly developing powers via a system that seems to have borderline sinister intentions. In the chaos, he decides to stick to what he knows: stay out of the spotlight, grind, and survive.

Watch as Matt is dragged into a dark LITRPG set in the real world, where the price of failure is death, and the prize for winning is beyond his wildest dreams. 


There’s a couple big influences here: Solo-Leveling, Squid Game, and Code Geass. If you enjoy LITRPG stories with morally gray characters, high stakes, and smart protagonists who start weak and eventually become powerful in a unique way, you’ll probably find something to like. But be forewarned. It won’t be easy.

I'll be writing this fast, so keep in mind there's likely to be typos that we'll correct as we go.

Developmental Editing by Lev.

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Tokens and Towers (A LitRPG/GameLit Adventure)

Tokens and Towers (A (...)
by Harmon Cooper
15 pages

Randy is a fantasy writer turned barbarian.
Clovis is a human who has taken the form of a magical spellbook.
Together... they still haven't decided on a guild name, but it's coming.
Portaled to a LitRPG fantasy world known as Genera and told to climb a tower, Randy and Clovis must join forces if they hope to survive.
Competing against them are other contenders known as ascendants, all of whom have their own reasons for reaching the top of the tower. With each floor of the tower presenting a different obstacle, from quests to all out sudden death combat, Randy and Clovis are going to need to stay on their toes.
The only problem is, Clovis doesn't have toes, he's a spellbook. And Randy has toes, but he's more interested in trying to get rich quick and game a system he clearly doesn't understand.
But they'll get there. Or at least they'll die trying.
Here's the Amazon link available in print, kindle, kindle unlimited:
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Against the Odds: A LITRPG Apocalypse

Against the Odds: A LITRPG (...)
by Roto
187 pages

Slated to be executed, Aaron's prospects in life are bleak. However, with the introduction of the system, he gains the chance to escape. It won’t be easy, monsters run rampant, and demonic alien invaders have turned the prison into a stronghold. Not to mention the prison’s original inhabitants - the most dangerous criminals in all of America.

Faced with overwhelming odds, his only hope of victory lies in using every dirty trick in the book. Luckily for him, as the self-proclaimed best thief in the world, his bag of tricks runs deep.


Hi Everyone,

If you want to learn a little bit more about the book before deciding whether to read it, I've included a bullet point list of some of the things that the story features:

-A strong but not overpowered protagonist.


-Characters that make reasonable decisions and have more personality than a box of cardboard.

-A standard litrpg progression with plenty of level ups and blue screens.

-A highly customizable Skill system. For example, with enough Skill Points, Mana Bolt can be upgraded to shoot out multiple orbs at once, follow targets to become undodgeable, or simply hit harder. Anything is possible with the right combination of Skill Paths.

-Interesting fight scenes

-A morally grey main character. They’re not mustache-twirling levels of evil, but they’re no stranger to crime.

-The apocalypse

-Frequent updates

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Breaker of Skulls (LitRPG)

Breaker of Skulls (LitRPG) (...)
by HereBeTreasure
450 pages

The MC bashes skulls and gains levels and overthinks small things. He becomes a knight. 

Synposis: An ordinary twenty-something human male undergoes the test of his life as he gets thrown into the Tutorial without any warning, learning to survive by any means possible with his sense for danger in a world where those who proved trustworthy were rarely competent, and those who proved competent were dangerous. 

Trusting his intuition, Marcello braves each new increasingly perilous test of survival as he slowly discovers that he himself was far from ordinary. 

Release schedule:

5 chapters per week, tentative. 

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Breaking The Game

Breaking The Game
by RaisingMorales
421 pages

In a world full of heroes, dragons, and magic, a select group of people has been chosen to participate in the Genesis Program. These people come from all walks of life and even different worlds. Not everyone is suited for life as an adventurer, but some have risen to the challenge. Follow a team of "gifted" individuals who utilize Genesis to the best of their abilities and completely break the game, after learning how it works.

New Chapters Every Weekday!

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Return of the Woodcutter [A Fantasy LITRPG]

Return of the Woodcutter (...)
by YoanRoturier
317 pages

Iris, a foreign world engulfed in war, direly needs help. To replenish their troops and fight off horrors from the worst nightmares, the gods resurrect and summon living beings from another world: Earth.

Aito Walker, a broken man, is one such ordinary being amongst many others. Upon his revival, he will be put to the test during deadly trials.

He will start with almost nothing. No overpowered magic, no cheat skills, no-nonsense divine armors, no godly weapons. Only a peculiar system, increased strength and his wits as the best weapon.

Bearing a sin—he could not, cannot, and will not forget—haunting him to this day, Aito will strive to regain what little honor he has left.

He will suffer. He will fail. Taking advantage of his weaknesses, pain, anguish, sorrow and fear will gnaw at his sanity. But a powerful yearning will keep him from falling apart. An ever-burning flame melting away the despair and welding back the broken pieces of courage.

A single desire.

“I will find redemption no matter the cost.”




Or not hun? Who knows the story isn't over ye—


"Who put that guy in the synopsis narration? Get him out of here and launch the warnings!"



1) It's a weak to strong story and the MC can be considered an Anti-Hero at some point.

2) There are contents about the MC's background story that can be hard to digest. But, to me, those are necessary for the MC to progress in more ways than one. 

3) This story is posted on different platforms: Royal Road, Webnovel, and Scribblehub (needs updating).

4) There are traumatizing and gore contents. Some parts of the story will become darker the more we delve into it.

5) Some things I'll probably add later.

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The Hedge Wizard

The Hedge Wizard
by Alex M
1.1k pages

A Dungeons and Dragons inspired adventure with a realism-focused spin on gamelit.

Hump grew up believing his master was nothing but an ordinary hedge wizard. However when the old man unexpectedly dies, his book of spells binds to Hump’s soul. Now without a master, Hump sets off to find his place in the world, to discover the secrets of magic, and to understand the Book of Infinite Pages.

Book 1 - Crypt of the Wolf Dragon

Updates Tuesday and Saturday.


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Lonely Apocalypse: Left Out By The System

Lonely Apocalypse: Left (...)
by ConstanTeen
41 pages

Sometimes you wake up and just know your day is gonna suck.

Now imagine waking from a three-year coma in an abandoned hospital, completely alone. Yeah, it’s one of those days. 

Last I remember, I was heroically saving my high school crush from the path of an oncoming truck. Now I’m a skin and bones patient wearing nothing but my hospital gown. Has anyone seen my pants? Oh yeah, the world is also full of monsters, and I’m the only human left. Literally. 

It turns out Earth has fused with a foreign dimension, becoming a home for dragons, monsters, and alien races. Thankfully, a godlike System has evacuated everyone already. Everyone but me. 

Being left behind isn't a first for me. From the moment my parents named me Lex Lurker, I was destined to be ignored. It still hurts nonetheless. Each human has been given a chance to prepare for what's to come in the Tutorial. Me, though? I've been thrown into this hellscape with only a snarky talking cat for a companion.

I could crawl into a corner and wait to get eaten by a friggin kobold, but after years of being asleep I have a new appreciation for feeling alive. And for all the chaos, there are game-like rules and magical powers that could help me avoid becoming a meal and perhaps even thrive in this brutal new world.

I’ll have to find the tenacity to survive, the courage to fight, and the strength to prevail against the impossible odds. I just need to figure out where to get pants, first. 

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12 Miles Below

12 Miles Below
by Mark Arrows
1.4k pages

The world is in ruins. 

Extreme sub-zero temperatures suffocate the surface, making even simple survival an ordeal. Frozen derelicts of bygone eras span across massive ice wastes. And the elite few hoard any technology rediscovered within.

The only escape from the deadly climate is beneath the surface. But it’s another disaster underground. Monstrous machines lurk in the depths. Unhinged demigods war against them, dying over and over, treating it all like a game. The land itself shifts over time, more contraption than rock. And an ominous prophecy states that the key to everything waits at the last level - but nobody’s ever reached that far. 

When an expedition into the far uncharted north goes terribly wrong,  Keith Winterscar and his father get trapped together in a desperate fight for survival. Stumbling upon an ancient power struggle of titanic scale; the two will need to set their differences aside while they struggle against Gods, legends, and the grand secrets of the realm that lies below.

Updating Monday and Thursdays.

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