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Celestial Joe

    1. Re: Y'all got twitter?

      You won't expand your audience on twitter That's something you could've done years ago when twitter first come out. Now everyone is busy wanting attention and finding a villain of the week to be angry (...)

    2. Re: Would you read a story with this premise?

      Could be interesting. On the premise alone I'd give the first chapter a read but beyond that, the execution is what really matters.

    3. Re: Optimum sexual content for fictions

      Well, this thread sure was interesting to read. As for my preferred amount of sex? The amount you need for the story you're telling. If you're writing smut as much as you want or need to get the reader (...)

    4. Re: Writing Tools: Weasel Words

      Then something appears in the local news media -- such as, the city council has just voted to make a big change in a city ordinance that's highly relevant to operating the sort of business Adam and Simon (...)

    5. Re: Hit 25 followers

      Congrats! You should be proud! :DrakanWine:

    6. Re: Just finished my main story!!

      That's an amazing story! It's amazing to hear you're getting published! I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors! :DrakanWine:

    7. Re: Finished Writathon! (At exactly 55,555!)

      Nice! Glad you could accomplish your goal! :peoapproval:

    8. Re: Tropes that you enjoy seeing

      Destiny/Fate in high fantasy, and I don't mean the whole universe is destined to go a certain way. I mean something like 5 strangers meet due to everything around them pushing them together because they (...)

    9. Re: Chapter a day: Day 20

      Well done my friend!  :DrakanWine:

    10. Re: How Many of You Guys Actually Patrol The Latest Updates and New Releases Sections?

      Who cares? Lookit that cute lil foxie with a pencil in his mouth! KAWAII-II!! ❤😻❤ Thanks! https://i.imgur.com/4DqlM5T.png

    11. Re: How Many of You Guys Actually Patrol The Latest Updates and New Releases Sections?

      I wish social skills were less hard. Agreed, it gets tiring :peodead:

    12. How Many of You Guys Actually Patrol The Latest Updates and New Releases Sections?

      The title says it all! https://i.imgur.com/nvomNUk.png

    13. Re: 50k words!

      Well done! Keep up the good work and stay happy! :peoapproval:

    14. Re: Best type of tournament for 10 people?

      Something you should keep in mind is that every fight doesn't need to be directly shown. Meaning the number of fights doesn't really matter. For obvious fights the results could in inferred or quickly (...)

    15. Re: Best type of tournament for 10 people?

      2. A double-elimination bracket - This is an elimination bracket but those who lose go into the losers bracket and fight their way through that with a chance of still winning the whole thing. The advantage (...)

    16. Re: A wild french writter appears

      Welcome to the Royal Family!

    17. Re: I hit 100 followers!

      That's a big milestone! Congrats and I wish you future success! Here is a cute fox to motivate you https://i.imgur.com/6nMAlUX.png

    18. Re: I broke my limiter and rewrite four chapters on a single day.

      Nice! I couldn't do more than a chapter a day if I'm rewriting,  It's so boring to me. :peosleep: