1. Re: Art thread of my writing projects...

      Finally got around to painting Ru Ge, my nonbinary trashfire gege. Link to tweet here. They're one of ML's second in command and older sibling figure, and I enjoy their relationship very much.

    2. Re: Hit 150k words! <3

      I totally skipped 50k and 100k but 150k is special only because I commissioned art from my friend for it LOL Regardless, it hit 150k on a chapter that lays down foundation for 2-3 character AND relationship (...)

    3. Re: Why did people use arming swords as a backup weapon and not a 2-handed sword?

      A sword was not only a weapon, but a symbol of status and power. They initially were expensive and rare, and you could carry one around with ease, thus displaying to everyone in the world that you are (...)

    4. Re: Why did people use arming swords as a backup weapon and not a 2-handed sword?

      I'm likely to be wrong in regards to certain time periods/regions/etc, but I believe that swords being a secondary weapon is more in the context of warfare, where preferably you don't have to get into (...)

    5. Re: Art thread of my writing projects...

      <333 Wow! There's so much detail and expression, and you can see the energy between them in the pictures where they're together. They've got so much chemistry. I'm really (...)(...)

    6. Re: I'm re-designing my cover, can I get some opinions on the new version?

      Loving the art! I really like that it's simple enough to be "readable" to the eyes, and centering the focus to the blank sky is always a good idea. My only comment is frankly font choices? It feels almost (...)

    7. Re: Art thread of my writing projects...

      Unfortunately, I'm still alive! Had so much to do and burnt out, but got to draw yangyang in the sunset design... (...)

    8. Re: What would be the limitation of steam based technology?

      I agree with size as a potential limit, on both ends. I can't see small trinkets being fueled by hot steam as a good idea... Other things would be efficiency, since energy output limits how big the things (...)

    9. Re: Why Commission A Cover When I Can Make One Myself

      With that level of painting skills, why bother commissioning 😂 It looks good! The contrast is really eye-catching, and clear font is a plus for someone who values readability on cover designs...

    10. Re: I need help writing a scene from the point of view from someone who is asexual

      Camhanache brings up a really good point about Carlos being the one to bring up the sex part. Not because of much, but because if you don't generally think about things that way, you don't... think about (...)

    11. Re: I need help writing a scene from the point of view from someone who is asexual

      Aro ace here ✌ Personally, I do have the passing thoughts about sex-- of fictional characters, that is. The second it veers off to real people, I skip off to yikestown. (Some of the thirstiest people in (...)

    12. Re: Bagel rolling in

      Welcome to Royal Road. I'd suggest checking out the Art section of the Forums. Lots of good work there and you can post some of your own if so inclined. I think in terms of posting, people are more concerned (...)

    13. Re: Crossliner's coup d'etat Art thread

      Something about all those Von arts just make me happy... He's just really adorable in them, I love it. Maybe I'm just weak to beans... I think I'm checking out the novel just because of that...

    14. Re: Bagel rolling in

      Oh, thank you so much everyone for the welcome! It's... a lot more than I was expecting, and I'm not familiar enough with the double posting rules here, so I'd like to err on the side of caution. Sorry (...)

    15. Re: Art thread of my writing projects...

      Hello! I'm still waiting on my crosspost fiction submission to be approved (cough) so I'm just here to drop the arts I've amassed during the year I've been writing it. All of the arts posted in this thread (...)

    16. Re: Bagel rolling in

      Welcome, Your customized introductory package includes (since you mentioned that you write and are considering posting): has a new feature to auto-generate (...)

    17. Re: Bagel rolling in

      Hello! I'm namio, though sometimes I'm also Bagel. I've been around posting my writing on other sites, but I won't lie, I signed up on Royal Road because the layout and aesthetic reminded me of old avatar-based (...)