1. Re: Review Swap?

      Hi Rune, It does need work, so I'd be happy to get the email first - or you can just make comments instead of a review. With Alexa's help I figured out how to turn on the comments for my reviews :)

    2. Re: Review Swap?

      Hi Alexa and Rune, I'd love to participate if you two are willing to let me join!

    3. Re: First chapter comments

      I would love to participate! Definitely would be open to reviewing more chapters as well.

    4. Re: Inkysparrow here!

      Thanks for the forum suggestion! Appreciate it!

    5. Re: Inkysparrow here!

      Hi Parker, Thanks for the welcome, and for telling me about the poetry section. I'll give it a visit.  I'll make sure to read the FAQ's sometime soon as well.

    6. Re: Inkysparrow here!

      Thanks for everyone's help. I now have my shiny new signature!

    7. Re: Bagel rolling in

      Hi Bagel! I'm new too, and also have posted my writing on other sites. I love to watercolor as well. Just took a class on it with Universal Class. It's free with my library card. I've heard great things (...)

    8. Re: Inkysparrow here!

      Thank you Cinn and Razzmatazz!

    9. Re: Inkysparrow here!

      Hi Gej! I happily accept the potato, and I'll check out that thread. I'm okay with my cover, but probably could use a better drawing than the one I did. My drawing level is just a little bit above a (...)

    10. Re: Inkysparrow here!

      Hi Art, Thanks for the welcome! I'll put your book on my to-read list! Looks interesting!

    11. Re: Inkysparrow here!

      Thank you, Alexa! I'll give it a go soon!

    12. Re: Inkysparrow here!

      Thank you Alexa! I'll give your stories a look. The categories you have listed definitely put them in my wheelhouse

    13. Re: Heyo and good morning~

      Hi IC! I'm new as well, and I joined RR for the same reasons. Would love to give your story a peek once you get it uploaded! Good luck with your writing!

    14. Re: First Introductions: Makai

      Hi Makai, I'm new too! Hope that we both learn a lot about improving our writing, and that people enjoy our stories. I would love to take a look at your book!

    15. Re: Inkysparrow here!

      Hi everyone. I'm so happy to meet everyone! I just started my first Novel, "The Story of the Trees" a few days ago and hope that I can get some awesome feedback to make the story better. I've been writing (...)