1. Re: My Story Made Rising Stars!

      I'm almost there too! Congratulations my friend!

    2. Re: Book One is Finished!

      Congratulations!  :DrakanWine:

    3. Re: Giving reviews of the first few chapters for Shoutouts.

      Hello! I can give a shout out to your series on saturday, if that suits you. The series I want a review is "The (Monstrous) Monster Slayer. Let me know if thats okay. Thank you!

    4. Re: Free First Chapter Feedback!

      Hello there! If you have time, please read my first chapter! Will love to receive some feedback over it. Thank you.  Which one? The monstrous monster slayer, please.

    5. Re: Novel like Lord of the Mysteries

      Cradle is the best cultivation story out there, if you do have kindle unlimited. I'm saying this because loftm is not on Royal Road too.

    6. Re: Questions for the readers

      Hi there! As an author and a reader, here are my answers: 1 - The first thing is the genre. Today, covers are not always a clear sign of the book's genre. After that, I look mostly at cover/blurb. (...)

    7. Re: [OPEN] Free Reviews for Fantasy / Sci-Fi

      Hello! Check my "The (Monstrous) Monster Slayer" series. It is a prog fantasy/xianxia series. I hope you like it.

    8. Re: Do people follow stories without actually clicking follow?

      I think so. It is normal to have more views than readers. 

    9. Re: Moving away from LIT-RPG for a while, any suggestions?

      I'm writing a western cultivation series, if you want to check it out! The story has no system, and works only on energy (Qi) progression. It is based on xianxia, but I've cut out some things I didn't (...)

    10. Re: Made it to Rising Stars!

      Congratulations. The story is very cool from what I've seen.

    11. Re: Published my story, immediately got found by someone and got a 5 star review!

      Congratulations. To have someone favorite your story is an incredible feeling.

    12. Re: It took almost 3 years, but I finally have 100 total followers

      Congratulations! It's a nice reward for a nice work. I liked your's short stories collection.

    13. Re: Synopsis help

      Bound by rules he cannot control, a musician risks losing his inheritance. To escape disinheritance, there is only one rule. He must find a bride. It's now or never, no time for love. The solution is (...)

    14. Re: 2 Years On Royal Road | 2 Years of Knights Himura

      That's impressive. Congratulations. I will check out your work, sounds really interesting.

    15. Re: Do chapter titles help on RR?

      Yes, good chapter titles can make readers more interested. I see this clearly in my chapters. A good titled one attracts more attention to the series.

    16. Re: First Chapter Feedback/Reviews

      Hello!  Please analyze my series The (Monstrous) Monster Slayer from the "B" point of view. Thank you very much!

    17. New Western Cultivation Author Introduction

      Hello! Now that I'm past 1/3 of my story (the first book of the series, at least), I think it's a good time to introduce myself. It has always been my dream to write a story. Since I am a fan of Buddhist (...)

    18. Re: Free First Chapter Feedback!

      Hello there! If you have time, please read my first chapter! Will love to receive some feedback over it. Thank you.