1. RE: Writer's Thread for Writers!

      I'm almost done with my first book.  Whoo hoo! Nice! *Internet High-Five* First books are hard, but so cool once they are done. Keep up the good work!

    2. RE: Fiction Sins

      Heh… I kinda feel like a terrible guy, leaving this thread alone so long. To explain my absence, I A. recently graduated high school, so I’ve been dealing with everything surrounding that. Family everywhere, (...)

    3. RE: Fiction Sins

      hey thanks... italics doesn't work, i've tried them. Since i can't just copy-paste my draft to rrl, writing and everytime from my tablet (which from where i write most) or phone is just too much. (...)

    4. RE: Fiction Sins (AKA To those seeking reviews...)

      First off, a huge thanks to Kazumi for standing in and helping me out in this thread. I’m going to repeat the reviews he’s done recently here, but from now on let the record show that Kazumi has my seal (...)

    5. RE: Published RRL Authors

      Just wanted to update this thread: I am now officially published (digitally) on Amazon! You can check it out here:

    6. RE: Fiction Sins (AKA To those seeking reviews...)

      Sigh, I don’t know if I really want to do this. The last time I reviewed the work of a new author, the result was him giving up altogether. Whatever, if you’re weak-willed, don’t even read what I’m gonna (...)

    7. RE: Fiction Sins (AKA To those seeking reviews...)

      Hmm, is it alright to give you a non posted chapter 1 to review? I am in the process of rewriting my story and would love to hear your opinion once all of my artistic juices are dried up (which will (...)

    8. RE: Fiction Sins (AKA To those seeking reviews...)

      Review #37: “Let’s Be Gods!” by User66   Heh, I recently used the name “Piper” too. It’s a nice name, no?   -       Missing punctuation right off the bat. “As if the damn storm wasn’t enough,” the (...)

    9. RE: How to writing pls

      I am a firm believer that there are two types of writers out there: Planners and Pantsers. The article above (...)

    10. RE: Harem and Romance Tags

      Just to take a different approach from the previous responses (not to take away from what they've said, because their conclusions make sense) but some authors could consider the romance and harem tags (...)

    11. Need some help fixing a glaring plot hole...

      OK! So, I finally got the first volume of The Steel Harvest back from it's first editing session with my editor, and she's pointed out something fairly important: In the book, Silvia is a character (...)

    12. RE: Writer's Thread for Writers!

      People not differentiating between fictions and fan fictions. I was thinking about doing a rant about but never got around to it. If that's a problem, then I can see how it would be annoying. (...)

    13. RE: What do you do to fight boredom, when you have nothing to read.

      - write - draw - watch anime - surf netflix - play video games - sleep

    14. RE: Fiction Sins (AKA To those seeking reviews...)

      I'm not sure how to make it so I'm showing rather than telling. I tried my best to show rather than tell but it seems as if I'm unable to do so. Also, no, I did not steal that line from Star Wars. (...)

    15. RE: Custom line breaks/footer art

      Oh my, those are very nice. I don't suppose you could make a dark, gritty one for my fiction, Harbinger? This penguin would be eternally grateful, as he's not the greatest with art :/

    16. RE: Fiction Sins (AKA To those seeking reviews...)

      Review #35: “The Crucible” by Sheepbitter   Hmmm… So, friend, ever heard of “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller? It’s about the Salem Witch Trials, and is considered classic literature these days. You might (...)

    17. RE: How do you choose a character's wardrobe in a story?

      Most of my MCs, to some extent, are based off myself, so I really only have two criteria when I pick their wardrobes: First I go by personal preference, then I choose the closest thing that makes sense (...)

    18. RE: Harbinger - A dark, gritty take on the reincarnation genre! (18+)

      Yahoo!!! The best reviewer is gonna write a story, make a legend? Will I finally get my revenge and decimate your work? We'll know in the next episode of... Heh, glad you're excited :D

    19. RE: Genre Thoughts?

      My favorite genres lay at opposite extremes, and it shows if you read my fiction. On one hand, I'm a sucker for romance/adventure/drama pieces (such as The Steel Harvest). On the opposite end of that, (...)

    20. RE: How do you improve your combat sequences?

      My big tip is imagine your fight scenes in slow-motion. Your MC, due to the adrenaline, will have heightened senses. He will notice everything that is happening, therefore your reader should too. Include (...)