1. Re: What ways do authors have to combat false reviews?

      After all we only see the reviews you did not try to get removed. For one, If a review gets removed, it's removed after being checked out by RR staff and has broken the rules. Abusing the report function (...)

    2. What ways do authors have to combat false reviews?

      I've read through the rules about reviewing and the one I'm thinking of has been reported due to it being an unsubstantiated advanced review, the reviewer recently changed it from an advanced one and called (...)

    3. Top 400! And 1k followers

      Like the title says, plus nearing 100k views on my wild west fantasy fiction!  Although, I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to stick with this. Now that I've got more readers, I've also have more (...)

    4. Re: Oh just stop with the prologues already

      It's usually just backstory of the MC. Occasionally backstory of the universe, story, world, whatever. They're almost always shorter than most chapters or the author chose to call their first chapter a (...)

    5. Re: Looking for a Dungeon Core with a Harem

      Everybody Loves Large Chests | Royal Road It's pretty funny but about a dungeon monster but you might find what you're looking for later in the chapters.

    6. Re: Multiverse hopping ?

      If you're just talking about a story with a multiverse you can try  Defiance of the Fall | Royal Road. It's an apocalyptic litrpg where the universe that the Earth is in is pulled into the multiverse controlled (...)

    7. Re: Which Monsters are Copyrighted?

      For the most part, the names are copyrighted not the actual concept. You cant have a walking tree and call it an Ent but the concept of a walking tree monster far, far predates any of Tolkien's works in (...)

    8. Re: Favorite/Least favorite tropes in LitRPG?

      Least favorite- epic, multi chapter long battle sequences. I get the monster is some sort of elite but reading an insanely long play by play of the battle is tedious. Things like 'He took half a step back (...)

    9. Re: LF a story i can't find anymore

      Since you haven't reposted on the other section of the forum. Any other details? It sounds interesting. MC a man? What's his name? Do you remember any of the location names? Name of the 'game' 'system' (...)

    10. Re: Roman Legions Fighting Fantasy Monsters

      Beneath the Dragoneye Moons | Royal Road? It doesn't cover the legions much but is very obviously a fantasy version of Rome with legions holding the lines of the Republic from invading monsters.

    11. Re: How deep is too deep?

      As much lore and history of the world, system, magic, etc as possible but not just in an info dump. There are stories I've read that have done that and it was a pain to read. But the more in depth ones (...)

    12. Re: When and why did you start writing?

      I read quite a few stories on here in the past and decided to try it for myself. The result is two stories that have made it into the top 2000 and top 2500 respectively though I took a 6 month break, so (...)

    13. Re: Need a distraction from the worst meeting of my career

      I'm working on a fantasy wild west litrpg that has the start of some romance in it but it hasn't progressed far mainly because it isn't a fulfillment fantasy fiction, I'm trying to get a believable relationship (...)

    14. Re: Helping pick a Cover (4 Options)

      Depends. I realize it's a snowy area and assuming it's going to have some sort of frost dragon present. So here's the question. Which is more important in the story, the dragon or the landscape? If (...)

    15. Map for my wild west fantasy litrpg Just some simple work for my 'starting' area that my MC finds themselves in. It's not just art but also an object written into universe that the MC has on him. Work done (...)

    16. Re: Lowering word count after editing?

      If you think it improves your story, do it. If you think it hurts it, don't or find an alternative. Also, you can throw up a poll in the author notes to get direct feedback from your readers on it and (...)

    17. Re: Update length vs frequency

      I actually enjoy longer chapters and am more willing to wait for them. Like if I pulled up my patreon, almost every author I actually pay to subscribe to is at least 5k+ words per chapter and updates 2-3 (...)

    18. Hit top 2k best rated!

      Title says it all, Arcane Gunslinger got me to the top 2k. I noticed I'm out of the top 2k now after a 4-star review but not by much. Still take the review, lol. On top of that I saw I passed 10k views (...)

    19. Re: Realistically, what do you think the chances are of making it big on Royal Road?

      I bet you of the 40k books on RR, at least half of them are irregular or on haitus, and that's being generous. So really the number is probably smaller than you'd think.  If you look at the 'ongoing (...)

    20. Re: Looking for: humanity VS much stronger enemy

      My story  Fateful | Royal Road is kind of like that. Werewolf hordes wreaking havoc on humans and progressively spreading. The MC is a civilized werewolf but their numbers are very limited. The battles (...)